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If you’re the proud owner of an Apple Smart Watch, you’ll know how slick these stylish, user-friendly accessories are. Apple watches are designed to seamlessly integrate with your everyday life, offering a smart, effortlessly useable lifestyle accessory that will help you to keep fit and stay connected as you live your day-to-day life.

Health and fitness are central to Apple’s latest smart watches, which go way beyond standard watch functionality to offer, The Series 6 collection will even measure your blood oxygen level and take electrocardiograms from your wrist whenever you want.

Apple watches are beautifully intuitive and user friendly. All you have to do is keep them charged. Luckily, our Apple Smart Watch chargers are every bit as clever as the watches they’re designed to keep juiced. These effortlessly useable smart watch chargers are all about ease of use - there’s no need to plug your watch in, simply hold the connector to the back of your watch, let the magnets automatically snap into place and your battery will soon be fully charged. All you need to do is choose a cable length – our selection offers 0.3 m, 1 m and 2 m chargers.

Apple’s collection is hard to beat if you’re looking for a smart watch, but it’s far from the only game in town. The likes of Fitbit and Samsung are certainly worth considering. Our extensive collection showcases the latest smart watches from both brands, including a choice of Fitbit and Samsung smart watch chargers.

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