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There’s no denying that the role of the watch has massively expanded over the last few years. Watches were, until quite recently, timepieces. Sure, digital models tended to throw in a stopwatch and maybe even a calculator, but the principal task of pretty much all watches was to tell you the time.

At some point it became clear that, in a world where most of us are happy to consult our smartphone if we want to know what time it is, the wristwatch had to offer something more. Enter Apple…

As with so many smart devices, Apple showed the way towards a new type of watch. A watch that would complement our lifestyles, granting us an exciting array of handy new features that have nothing to do with telling the time.

Apple Watches could help you to take control of your life by giving you the ability to monitor your fitness in all manner of innovative ways, set alerts, consult maps and check your emails, messages and calendar. All with a quick glance at your wrist. Oh and they also look pretty cool.

Over the last five years, the Apple watch has continually evolved, upgrading its tech and tweaking its looks. The latest generation is the Apple Watch Series 6, which takes Apple’s already impressive fitness tracking tech to the next level, allowing you to measure your blood oxygen with a revolutionary new sensor and app. Your blood oxygen level can be a key indicator of your overall wellness, helping you to understand how well your body is absorbing oxygen and indicating the amount of oxygen being delivered to your body, so this advanced new sensor is a significant addition.

The Apple Watch range (we also offer Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and 5) offers an extraordinary array of fitness monitoring sensors and apps. We recommend exploring the complete collection, as well as the latest smart watches from Samsung, Fitbit and Fossil, to find a watch that perfectly suits your life and style.

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