Baking accessories

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Get the baking tools you need and you’ll be whipping up cakes worthy of Paul Hollywood in no time.

Baking is all about precision, so it’s important to have the right baking accessories on hand if you fancy yourself as master pastry chef in the making. Our extensive collection of baking tools provides everything you need to embark on any number of baking recipes and achieve delicious, picture-perfect results.

Our Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus Kitchenware provides a great starting point in one space-saving, smartly designed package. Thanks to its neat design this comprehensive collection is remarkably compact – simply stack everything together and you’ll be able to fit a selection of mixing bowls and five measuring cups into the smallest of cupboards.

Anyone who fancies trying their hand at pie baking should consider the simple but brilliantly effective Paul Hollywood Pie Funnell. Brought to you by Britain’s best-known baker, the pie funnel sits in the middle of the pie as it bakes, so the crust is supported and excess steam can escape, helping you avoid soggy, sunken crusts and ingredients boiling over causing a mess. It also doubles as a handy pastry and biscuit dough cutting tool.  

Our collection of baking tools also includes cupcake plungers, sieves, bench scrapers, cookie cutters, pastry brushes and everything else you’ll need to explore the magical world of baking.

Our cookware department is stocked with a wide variety of must-have kitchen kit. View all baking trays to browse more essential baking kit and see all pots and pans to equip your kitchen with the basics you need to start cooking up a storm.

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