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You’ve got all your furniture and baby kit sorted, but now it’s time for the fun part- choosing your baby or toddler’s toys! Whether you’re getting them as a gift for a friend’s new arrival or for your own little one, pre school toys are a great choice for your child. Not only can they keep your little monsters busy and stop them from causing chaos, but play is also an absolutely essential part of a baby or a toddler’s development- helping improve valuable motor and social skills. And maybe even giving them a leg up when school eventually starts! So keep an eye out for the best nursery toys- the ones that help them learn as well as smile. What kind of toy is best for your child will usually depend how old they are. But don’t worry, we’ve got toys for all different ages. Soft and soothing nursery toys are a great choice for brand new babies, while interactive educational toys (like ride ons ) make the most sense for older kids! Either way, there are a whole load of brilliant baby and pre school toys for you to choose from. Need more than just the toys? No worries! Just check out our parent and baby care tech. There you’ll find everything you need to make childcare easy peasy… well, almost!

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