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Most kitchens find space for a microwave, but it’s fair to say that microwaves don’t always harmonise with their surroundings. If you’ve made an effort to create a stylish, aesthetically considered kitchen, plonking a boxy freestanding microwave on the worktop can ruin the look.

But who wants to live without the everyday convenience of a microwave?

Luckily, there’s a solution that allows you to enjoy the speed and simplicity of microwave cooking without diminishing the immaculate aesthetics of your fitted kitchen. Say hello to our selection of Bosch built-in microwaves.

The beauty of a built-in microwave is that it’s designed to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen unit, slotting neatly behind a cabinet door if you want to conceal it completely.

Even if you don’t want to hide your built-in microwave behind a cabinet door, our Bosch collection is smart enough to compliment any kitchen. Our sophisticated Bosch built-in microwaves look a lot like Bosch integrated ovens, which is to say that they’re effortlessly understated and impeccably tasteful.

Whether you’re looking for a Bosch combination microwave oven – the Swiss-army knife of kitchen appliances – or a solo model that sticks to the invaluable task of microwaving, our built-in collection has a stylish solution that should fit the bill perfectly.

Bosch built-in combination microwaves, like the stunning stainless steel Serie 8 CMG633BS1B, are versatile enough to tackle most cooking tasks and deliver perfect results whatever you’re cooking. With oven temperatures as high as 275°C, you needn’t worry about this powerful combination microwave falling short of the high temperatures you’d expect from a standard oven.

Looking for a built-in microwave? Make sure you check out our complete collection, which features the latest models from leading manufacturers like Samsung, Hotpoint and Miele.

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