Bosch Hoods

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Bosch hoods
Bosch Hoods

Hoods get rid of all of odours you don’t want to smell while you’re cooking your dinner. The Bosch Hoods are developed with insulation and a low noise drive, you can entertain guests and finishing cooking your dinner at the same time without the loud noise from the fan interrupting your conversation.

bosch chimney hoods

Chimney Hoods

Chimney Hoods fit perfectly into your kitchen and don’t compromise results. 

bosch Canopy Hoods

Canopy Hoods

Bosch canopy cooker hood are powerful ventilation systems that can be integrated into cabinets above your hob.

A hood for every kitchen

Bosch Wall mounted hoods


Wall-mounted Hoods are mounted above the hob and fit beautifully into your kitchen unit.

Bosch Canopy hoods


Bosch Canopy Hoods have powerful ventilation and can be integrated into your cabinets.

Bosch Telescopic hoods


Telescopic hoods are installed into a wall unit and can be pulled out to use.

Bosch integrated hoods


Integrated hoods have a furniture panel mounted to them and seamlessly fit into the kitchen.

Bosch EcoSilence Drive

EcoSilence Drive™

Our EcoSilence Drive™ brushless friction-free motor and energy saving LED lights reduce energy consumption by up to 80% compared to a similar five-year-old model, without compromising results.

Bosch Easy mounting

Easy mounting

Easy to install appliances give you another reason to choose a Bosch Hood.