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BOSCH HMT75M654B Built-in Solo Microwave - Stainless Steel
The Bosch HMT75M654B Built-in Solo Microwave allows for fast heating, defrosting and cooking with a range of auto-cook programs that won't compromise on flavour.Great results in less timeWhen you need to get food to the table quickly, the Bosch... Find out more
BOSCH Serie 6 HMT75M664B Built-in Solo Microwave - Black
The compact design of the Bosch HMT75M664B Built-in Solo Microwave ensures perfect integration into any kitchen.With AutoPilot7 you won't need to worry about settings as a range of seven automatic pre-set programs will cater for a variety of... Find out more
BOSCH HMT75M551B Built-in Solo Microwave - Stainless Steel
Top features: - Great value with a roomy 17 litre capacity - Great performance with five power levels and three cooking programmes - Flexible cooking with microwave accessories Great value Whether you're heating up leftovers or cooking from... Find out more
BOSCH HMT84M451B Solo Microwave - Stainless Steel
Defrost, reheat and cook food effortlessly with the Bosch HMT84M451B Solo Microwave.Defrost functionsYou can gently defrost food at low and economical temperatures using the HMT84M451B. Temperatures starting at 30°C can be achieved simply by... Find out more
BOSCH HMT84M664B Built-in Solo Microwave - Black
Top features:- Versatile microwave with multiple cooking and defrost programs - Built-in design helps you complement your kitchen and save space - Easy to use with a digital display, dial and buttons Versatile With a large electronic display and... Find out more
BOSCH HMT84M654B Built-in Solo Microwave - Stainless Steel
Add convenient and flexible cooking options to your kitchen with the Bosch HMT84M654B Built-in Solo Microwave in stainless steel. Automatic programs The HMT84M654B boasts several automatic programs to save you time and energy, including seven... Find out more
BOSCH HMT75M421B Solo Microwave - White
The user-friendly Bosch HMT75M421B Solo Microwave features different cooking settings, defrost and reheat functions and easy to use controls.Simple controls for no fuss cookingTo make cooking easier, the HMT75M421B Solo Microwave features a simple... Find out more
BOSCH Bosch CFA634GS1B Solo Microwave - Stainless Steel
For tasty results every time, this stainless steel Bosch CFA634GS1B Solo Microwave is a convenient addition for any busy, family kitchen.Simple cooking for tasty resultsAchieve great results with nine cooking programmes to choose from. With a... Find out more
BOSCH Serie 6 HMT75M624B Built-in Solo Microwave - White
Heat food quickly and efficiently with the Bosch Serie 6 HMT75M624B Built-in Solo Microwave in white. Auto-cook settings The HMT75M624B features seven different pre-set automatic programs to help you cook every dish to perfection. With a... Find out more

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