BRABANTIA Ironing Board Covers

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Liven up your laundry routine with a bold and beautiful Brabantia ironing board cover. As one of the leading manufacturers of ironing board covers, Brabantia have mastered the art of producing tough, hardwearing cotton covers that stand up to both normal and steam ironing.

Above all else Brabantia ironing board covers are manufactured to provide a long-lasting, dependable surface for years of crease free ironing. But beyond Brabantia’s long-established reputation for practical, well-made covers, our collection showcases a variety of stylish, colourful designs that are certain to add a dash of visual excitement to the laundry room.

Take the vivid 100741 Ironing Board Cover in Pink Santini, which boasts a bold pink floral design that’s cheerful enough to keep spirits up, even when you’re confronted by a towering pile of laundry.

Brabantia ironing board covers are designed to simplify the oft-frustrating task of installing them on your ironing board. The smartly designed stretch system allows you to use the cord fastener to ensure the cover is always taut – meaning no creases and comfortable ironing. Made of 100% heavy duty cotton with an additional 2mm of foam, the 100741 provides the ideal ironing surface, helping you glide through the ironing with ease.

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