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Where would we be without WiFi? With more and more households enjoying wireless connectivity, we’ve become increasingly dependent on a decent WiFi signal to make the most of our increasingly online lifestyles, which now extend way beyond working or playing on a computer.

Not so long ago you may have depended on WiFi to keep your computer or smartphone connected without trailing wires or using up loads of mobile data, but these days there’s a good chance your house is full of smart technology that depends on a wireless connection. Ensuring your whole house benefits from a reliable, far-ranging signal is ever more important.

Unfortunately, not all WiFi signals are equal. Various factors can result in less than satisfactory coverage and even corners of the house where there’s barely any signal at all. The answer? A BT WiFi range extender offers a simple, cost-effective solution, boosting the range of your WiFi so you can stay online throughout your property.

Available in both single and dual band models, these ingenious accessories are compatible with all broadband providers, not just BT, and work straight out of the box. Simply plug the extender into a wall socket, link it with your router and you’re ready to enjoy an extended wireless experience. You can even choose the best WiFi frequency to suit your usage and devices.

You’ll find all sorts of handy computing accessories, including performance boosting BT computer parts, in our extensive computing collection.

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