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Transform the way you watch TV with a BT set top box.

Our range of BT set top boxes allow you to watch what you want, when you want, granting you access to all the major catch up TV players, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD. You won’t even have to pay a subscription or have a satellite dish installed.

In recent years, technological advances have driven a dramatic change in the way we experience TV. Increasingly, enjoying your favourite TV programs doesn't require you to tune in when they're broadcast or set the recorder. More and more of us are taking advantage of catch up TV and on demand services to watch our favourite shows whenever we want.

BT set top boxes take this fluid TV experience to the next level, bringing all the latest innovations together in the form of a slim, easy to install set top box. The BT YouView + HD recorder offers a host of innovative features, including a handy 7-day programme guide that allows you to scroll back through the previous week's television and catch up with any programs you might have missed. Even more remarkable, with the BT YouView + you can pause and rewind live TV. Perfect if you fancy a brew or want to revisit a crucial plot point.

With space for up to 300 hours of TV on its capacious hard drive, the YouView + BT set top box gives you the capacity to record all your favourite shows, whether you're recording a one-off program or taking advantage of the nifty series recording function.

The YouView's recording options give you incredible flexibility - you can record one channel while watching another or record two live TV channels while watching a recording or an on-demand program.

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