BT Whole Home Wifi

Uninterrupted connections

Enjoy your favourite films, catch-up with TV shows or take a video call without losing out on quality no matter where you are at home, with the complete coverage of Whole Home WiFi. Supporting more devices than any other home WiFi system, the Whole Home system also works on any network, so you don’t have to worry about the type of internet you already have.

Stay connected

Thanks to mesh technology that covers every room in your house, the Whole Home WiFi system automatically switches you to the strongest signal wherever you go. The three discs work together so that as you move around, you will be switched seamlessly to the best connection. And if there are a large number of devices in use, the other discs will help to support the load, so that no one misses out on a fast connection.

Super smart

Featuring the latest, fastest technology and automatic security updates, BT’s Whole Home WiFi is incredibly smart with a simple app to control it all from. Each disc has eight built-in antennas for powerful connectivity with a mighty reach – so that no space in your home is left without access.

Complete control

Make your WiFi work for you with the straightforward functionality of the Whole Home WiFi app. Designed to keep you in control, the app offers the smartest way to stay on top of your network.

  • See who is online
    Monitor who’s online and how your network is being used.
  • Pause the internet
    Take some time offline or set access restrictions by pausing the internet at key moments.
  • No more bright lights
    Control the brightness of the discs with a remote control function.
  • Easy set up
    With the app's guidance system setting up has never been easier, or more effective for getting Wi-fi coverage throughout your home.
  • Smart diagnostics
    See your current speeds, how much bandwidth each device in your home is using and even more detail about your network.

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Intelligent Wi-fi

  • Clever
    Don’t worry about having to manually reboot – the Whole Home WiFi system checks itself and automatically reboots if there’s ever a connection issue.
  • Secure
    Enjoy state of the art security to ensure un-authorised users can’t access your system, from one of the UK’s most trusted companies.
  • Strong
    Ensuring you always have the latest firmware and security updates, the Whole Home system runs automatic software checks.
  • Powerful
    For the strongest coverage possible, each disc has eight powerful WiFi antennas as well as three AC WiFi repeaters.

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