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Cameras to capture the action

Action cameras are all about getting amazing footage from a small, rugged and versatile unit. They’re great for capturing incredible PoV videos of extreme sports, snorkelling, holiday excursions and even theme park trips. With a huge range of accessories available, you can take your action cam underwater, on the road, or even wear it to show the viewer jaw-dropping scenes from your perspective.

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Find the right Camcorder for you

Smartphones are still a long way from matching camcorder quality. Many traditional camcorders offer an amazing 60x optical zoom for crystal clarity at a distance. Combined with 4K Ultra HD recording and image stabilisation for steady footage, you’ll capture videos that you’ll want to watch again and again. Look out for camcorders with built-in WiFi and NFC for easy sharing.

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Capture footage from high above

Capture footage from high above. Many drones are now able to record 4k super-detailed footage at impressive speeds. With specific drones able to record in 5.4k footage. The range of drones we offer assist every type of user and shooting scenarios.

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Sat navs with clear instructions to get you from A to B

Get to your destination without having to worry about pre-planning your route. Most of our Sat Nav’s offer lifetime map updates & speed camera updates. Send your destination to your device before you go. With Lifetime traffic offered on a selected range of products, don’t get stuck in a jam and be confident you are on the fastest route. A selected range of products offer the Alexa feature, so Alexa will give you an update on Traffic news, create to-do lists or even check the weather at your destination. Our sat nav range extends to professional drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and even those with camper vans or caravan’s.

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Record your journey with peace of mind

Feel at ease when driving with a Dash Cam in your car. All our dash cams can record footage in HD, with a selective range of products being able to record in 4k. Feel safe to leave your car unattended with our selected range of dash cams offering live access, intelligent Parking mode and other key features. Whether you are purchasing your first Dash Cam or looking to upgrade your current model, our wide range of products will allow you to pick the most suitable dash cam for you.

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There’s something for everyone in our range of camcorders, drones, sat navs and dash cams. Our camcorders offer incredible optical zoom and high-resolution filming for perfect clarity.

Our drones are great for shooting amazing aerial footage, with a wide range to suit beginners to pros. We’ve got plenty of dash cams for both the front and rear of your vehicle, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Our sat navs are perfect for getting you to your destination quickly, with everything from lifetime map updates to a built-in voice assistant.