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CDA FWC303SS Wine Cooler - Stainless Steel
Store your wine collection at the optimum temperature in the CDA FWC303SS Wine Cooler. Safe storage This smart wine cooler has a 20-bottle capacity with five wooden shelves to help you safely store and display wine. The double glazed glass is... Find out more
CDA FWC303BL Wine Cooler - Black
The CDA FWC303BL Wine Cooler lets you store your wine collection in optimum conditions all year round. UV protection against sunlight To help prevent unwanted sunlight from spoiling your wine collection, the CDA FWC303BL Wine Cooler features a... Find out more
CDA FWC603SS Wine Cooler - Stainless Steel
This CDA FWC603SS Wine Cooler holds up to 46 bottles and will help to keep your wine in the best possible condition for maximum enjoyment once the cork is popped.Optimum temperature for your wineUse the electronic temperature control to easily set... Find out more
CDA fwc623ss Wine Cooler - Stainless Steel
Keep up to 40 bottles of wine at the perfect temperature in this CDA fwc623ss Wine Cooler.Ideal for red and white wineWith its dual storage zones, the fwc623ss Wine Cooler can offer ideal environments for both your red and white wines, allowing... Find out more
CDA FWC152SS Wine Cooler - Stainless Steel
Keep a few bottles at the ideal temperature with this CDA FWC152SS Wine Cooler in stainless steel.The perfect drinkWine can last longer and definitely tastes better when it's stored at the correct temperature – and this CDA FWC152SS Wine Cabinet... Find out more
CDA FWC603BL Wine Cooler - Black
This black CDA FWC603BL Wine Cooler can hold up to 46 bottles and helps you store your wine in optimal condition for complete enjoyment once you pop the cork. Optimum temperature for your wine Use the electronic temperature control to easily set... Find out more
CDA FWC152BL Wine Cooler - Black
Top features:- Adjustable temperature and humidity to keep your wine in great condition- UV glass and low vibration compressor protect your wine collection- Safer storage with a temperature alarm and counterbalanced doorAdjustable temperature and... Find out more

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