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At Currys we have an extensive range of compact digital cameras. Our range includes point and shoot, tough compacts, superzoom cameras, bridge and high performance cameras. These compact digital cameras come in a wide variety of colours and some of the latest features like WiFi and GPS.

Point and shoot cameras are a great choice for those who just want to snap a photo without fuss. If you’re a more adventurous type then maybe you should consider one of our tough compacts; these cameras are waterproof and shockproof. Superzoom cameras offer excellent zoom ranges while Bridge cameras give you excellent zooms and more camera control. Our high performance cameras can produce image quality as DSLR cameras; bolstered with powerful processors and highly sensitive sensors these cameras make a great choice for the photography enthusiast.

You’re sure to find a compact camera that will suit your needs and budget. We stock a great range of cameras from recognised brands including Samsung, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic and Fujifilm.

Whether you’re an amateur photography enthusiast or a seasoned pro, our range of compact cameras is sure to have something for you. From the popular Panasonic compact cameras to high-end picks from all the big names, at Currys, we really do pride ourselves on our extensive offering.

If you’re taking your first tentative steps into the world of photography (you know beyond the endless selfies and out-of-focus party pics on your phone), you may feel a little overwhelmed with the seemingly endless choices. And the jargon. It can be daunting, we agree. Allow us to break it down and make your first ever compact camera buying experience a breeze. For starters, you’ll definitely want one that offers improved features compared to your current smartphone. This means looking out for better wide angle and zoom coverage, larger sensor sizes – allowing for sharper pictures – and motion tracking so you can snap superior quality photos even on the run.

Also consider a greater dynamic range, including low-light capabilities, which will help your pictures will look awesome even if they’re snapped in a dark space with little lighting. And finally, look out for a built-in HDR mode; this will mean you can capture balanced exposure shots in high-contrast situations. Basically, no more oddly blown out photos making you appear ghostly. If you’re after those extra special underwater holiday shots too, we suggest checking our tough compact cameras; with their waterproof qualities, they’ll definitely do the trick.

Okay, so you’re saying you’re already well-versed in the art of photography and used to working with full-frame digital cameras and DSLR models. Why buy a compact camera? The answer is simple: there are occasions where effortless portability is key. With their lightweight designs, compact styles present excellent photo-taking capabilities without the bulk of more specialist kit.

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