Computing buying guide

It can be difficult and confusing when choosing the right computing device. So perhaps it’s good to first consider why, where and how you’d like to use your computer, and what you’d like to get from it.

Our Computer Buying Guide is here to talk you through the different computer device types, which Operating systems are available, key features and benefits and hundreds of products available so you can find the ideal computer for your needs.

Considerations when buying a computing device.

Where are you planning to use your device?

Whether you're using your device at home, in the office or out and about, it's important to choose the computing device that best suits your daily needs.

It could be an ultra-portable Tablet, a business and travel friendly Convertible, Ultrabook, Laptop or Macbook; an internet-based Chromebook or Chromebox, or a powerful All-in-One or Tower Desktop Computer for family and office needs.

What do you plan to use your device for?

Choose the device that best meets your needs, be it for work, internet, music and movies or photo and video editing.
Tablets suit everyday tasks - surfing the web, chatting and watching movies.
Laptops, Convertibles and Ultrabooks can handle multiple tasks, from work documents to photo editing.
Chromebooks and Chromeboxes handle internet-based tasks.
Desktop and All-in-One PCs have the power for fast processing, simultaneously handling basic tasks, multimedia work, music, movies and more.

How do you connect with the internet?

How important is the internet to you? Do you need to be online every day wherever you are, or are you a more casual browser?

Wi-Fi devices can wirelessly connect to the internet in designated 'hotspots', at home or out and about.

Devices with 3G operate via a SIM card, allowing you to go online whenever you want, wherever you are.

Choose a device either or both Wi-Fi and 3G to suit your internet needs.

What mobile phone do you currently have?

If your mobile phone and computing devices use the same Operating System, they can be easily synchronised to share your favourite music, games, apps and other files to give you greater convenience and flexibility.

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