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The emergence of drones onto the mass market means that it is now possible to shoot spectacular aerial footage that would have been the sole preserve of professional film crews as recently as five years ago. Today drone technology is accessible enough that anyone can capture soaring aerial video that’s certain to stun anyone who sees it.

Currys offers an extensive selection of the latest drones, ranging from cutting edge GoPro drones that are engineered to deliver effortlessly smooth, professional standard aerial footage to fun, agile and remarkably affordable drones that make the possibility of awesome airborne video capture more accessible than ever.

Arcade drones are especially affordable yet give you exceptional stability and control courtesy of six gyro stabilisers, while a 300000 pixel resolution Orbit cam captures thrilling birds-eye footage. More advanced Parrot Drones and DJI drones and introduce advanced features like live streaming to you smartphone or tablet, GPS and multiple sensors to enhance manoeuvrability. Intuitive video game style controllers ensure you have better control of your drone than ever before, helping you achieve the sort smooth, sweeping footage that Hollywood would be proud of.

Take to the skies and discover the wondrous world of drone technology with Currys.

Capturing stellar bird’s-eye view shots is no longer reserved for the likes of Hollywood film crews. With easily accessible drone camera technology, you can produce aerial content that will make jaws drop. It doesn’t matter if you’re filming footage for a client, your YouTube channel or just trying to get some killer content for Instagram, we have a drone that will suit your needs.

If you’re starting out and more interested in recreational flying, the Ryze Tello drone is designed for fun and games, as well as getting those much-wanted HD shots. Plus, there’s no need to fuss with clunky controllers, you can use your smartphone or tablet to easily command the drone and perform epic tricks and flips that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

Or for the most cutting-edge drone technology, look no further than the Dji drones and Parrot drones. No matter what model you go for, you’ll get cinematic quality with 4K Ultra HD recording and streaming. Never miss a moment - with subject tracking, high tech drones can keep up with what you want to shoot, be it people, cars or boats. What’s more, the best of the best can reach top speeds of 45 mph! They come in mini and standard size, so you can pick which drone suits you best.

If your little one wants to join in the fun, our selection of Oaxis drones for kids are perfect for getting them started. These toy drones are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and are bound to keep them entertained. There’s no need to worry about safety, these drones also come with enclosed propellers to keep little fingers safe.

The unpredictable British weather can make getting the perfect shot tricky – putting your precious drone at risk of all sorts of bumps and scratches. So, keep your device safe with the best drone accessories. Our range includes everything from a weatherproof GoPro drone cases to Dji propeller guards and Lume Cube anti-collision lights.

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