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These days more and more of us are coffee connoisseurs. Thanks to the availability of barista quality coffee in cafes and coffee shops up and down the country, the notion that we might still settle for old-fashioned instant coffee when we're at home has become increasingly unpalatable. Luckily, the UK's taste for quality coffee has been backed up by an increasingly sophisticated - and affordable - generation of coffee machines that make it easy to whip up an excellent espresso in your own kitchen.

Dualit have taken a leading role in the emergence of coffee machines and accessories that are slowly but surely turning us all into baristas. Dualit coffee machines like the D3IN1SS 3-in-1 ensure it's easier than ever to get your caffeine kick, without resorting to an unappetising mug of instant coffee.

A handsome stainless steel machine that will add a dash of style to any kitchen, the D3IN1SS may resemble a classic espresso machine but it's actually far more flexible than that. In fact, Dualit NX coffee capsules, Origins Cafe coffee capsules, Fine Tea capsules, ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) coffee pods and ground coffee are all compatible with this indispensable all-rounder. Great news if your coffee habit hasn't diminished your fondness for a lovely cup of tea - this brilliantly versatile Dualit coffee machine is a whizz with a variety of hot beverages.

Like so many Dualit coffee machines, basista quality doesn't come at the expense of convenience - above all else, the D3IN1SS is designed to deliver everyday ease of use. It heats up water in around 40 seconds, thanks to a Thermobloc heating system, and with a large 1.5 litre water tank, you'll be topping up less frequently.

Check out our complete range of coffee machines to find your perfect coffee companion - whether you're looking for filter coffee machines or espresso coffee machines.

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