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Imagine a beautifully clean home that doesn’t require tons of effort. Sound a little too good to be true? It isn’t. Not with Currys’ range of robot vacuum cleaners. These nifty little machines have been designed to provide expert floorcare without you having to lift a finger (okay, fine – you’ll have to switch it on and off, but we reckon that’s pretty doable).

With varying price points so you can choose one that’s right for your pocket, our iRobot range of vacuums is an excellent place to start. We recommend checking out the signature Roomba series which includes models with some astonishingly innovative features. Highlights include smart navigation and cliff gauge technology, so your robot vacuum isn’t in danger of plunging down the stairs, and dirt detection. By using optical and acoustic sensors, the cleaner is programmed to figure out which areas of your home really need a clean. See? These robot vacuums work super hard, so you don’t have to. They’re great if you have pets too and with their small but smart shape, robot vacuums will even get into those hard-to-access spots in your home, guaranteeing a thoroughly spotless finish.

Other brilliant details we can’t stop raving about: some of our robot vacuum cleaners can efficiently map out floorplans to clean multiple rooms at once with no hassle and will auto-recharge when running low on battery. Of course, they’re also suitable for different floor types (which they can detect and adapt to automatically) and can clean up wet spills, dried stains and sweep up dust, offering true flexibility. Oh, and with our Neato and Samsung collections at Currys, you can even control your robot vacuum cleaners remotely via your smart phone; schedule cleaning times and check progress easily – all with a few taps. Amazing, we know.

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