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LOGIK LCHOBTC16 Electric Ceramic Hob - Black
Top features: - Straightforward controls and nine power settings - Safety features to help you cook confidently Straightforward controls Cook efficiently with fewer risks using the Logik LCHOBTC16 Electric Ceramic Hob, which gives you quick... Find out more
BELLING CT601 Electric Ceramic Hob - Black
With a black glass finish, the Belling CT601 Electric Ceramic Hob deliver stylish, powerful cooking at the touch of a button. Touch control Sleek and simple to use, the CT601's front-mounted touch controls let you set the temperature of... Find out more
BELLING IHT613 Electric Induction Hob - Black
Bring intelligent induction technology into your home with the Belling IHT613 Electric Induction Hob. This stylish hob works on a 13 amp power supply making it an easy and efficient home appliance. Powerful heating Nearly twice as fast as a gas... Find out more
BOSCH Serie 4 PUE611BF1B Electric Induction Hob - Black
Top features: - Cook faster with the PowerBoost function - With TouchSelect for specific heat control - With induction technology for fast, efficient heating Induction hobFaster than gas or ceramic hobs, the Bosch Serie 4 PUE611BF1B Electric... Find out more
AEG OptiHeat HK654200FB Electric Induction Hob - Black
Rustle up dinner in no time with the efficient and user-friendly AEG OptiHeat HK654200FB Electric Induction Hob.OptiHeat ControlOne of the quickest and most efficient ways to cook, induction cooking heats the pan and nothing else, so you spend... Find out more
LOGIK LINDHOB16 Electric Induction Hob - Black
Top features:- Confident cooking with auto-detection of each pan- Keep your kitchen safe with residual heat indicators Confident cooking Saving on energy and maximising cooking speed, the LINDHOB16 Electric Induction Hob features auto-detection of... Find out more
NEFF T36FB41X0G Electric Induction Hob - Black
Top features: - Induction cooking for faster heat-up - Stylish touch controls for simple operation - Two year guarantee provides you with peace of mind Induction cookingHandy if you hate waiting around, induction cooking directs heat straight... Find out more
BOSCH PKE645D17 Ceramic Hob – Black
With a classy framed design, the Bosch PKE645D17 Ceramic Hob is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Ceramic cooking This smart hob has four cooking zones and 17 different temperatures so you can expect precision cooking every time. The... Find out more
ESSENTIALS CSPHOBW15 Electric Solid Plate Hob - White
Cooking is made easy with the Essentials CSPHOBW15 Electric Solid Plate Hob.The CSPHOBW15 features four electric powered zones, designed to accommodate different size pots and pans – ideal for family cooking. Safe, simple to use and easy to... Find out more
AEG HK634200FB Electric Induction Hob - Black
Top features: - Attractive hob with touch controls which is simple to keep clean- Range of features which makes cooking simple- Key lock function helps keep your family safeAttractive hobKeep your kitchen looking attractive with the attractive... Find out more
ESSENTIALS CCHOBKN13 Electric Ceramic Hob - Black
The Essentials CCHOBKN13 Ceramic Hob is elegantly designed with a sleek black finish that brings a touch of modern style and cooking practicality to the kitchen work top.Ceramic cookingThe ceramic surface offers four cooking zones for your... Find out more
SAMSUNG C61R2AEE Electric Ceramic Hob - Black
The black Samsung C61R2AEE Ceramic Hob features four burners which will let you know exactly when the hob is hot – so there's no need to worry about accidental burns.Plenty of cooking spaceWith differing sizes, whether you're cooking for... Find out more
ESSENTIALS CSPHOBX15 Electric Solid Plate Hob - Stainless Steel
The Essentials CSPHOBX15 Electric Solid Plate Hob offers convenient cooking with a contemporary stainless steel finish to fit seamlessly into fitted kitchens.The CSPHOBX15 features four solid plates that are ideal for cooking a variety of... Find out more
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SMEG SI5641D Electric Induction Hob - Black
The Smeg SI5641D Electric Induction Hob is powerful and reactive, with nine power levels and two booster zones that make every meal a pleasure to cook.  Electric induction technology Instead of heating the hob, this cutting-edge technology... Find out more
HOTPOINT Smart CID641BB Electric Induction Hob - Black
Top features:- Induction cooking heats food quickly and directly- Very little residual heat for a safer, more energy efficient hob- Touch controls offer precision at your fingertips Induction cooking You can cook food efficiently with the... Find out more
SAMSUNG NZ64H37070K Electric Induction Hob - Black
The energy efficient Samsung NZ64H37070K Electric Induction Hob will change the way you cook with its rapid performance, flexible power options and range of great safety features. Variable power Featuring four zones and nine power levels with a... Find out more
RANGEMASTER RMB75HPECGL Electric Ceramic Hob - Black
Top features: - Five cooking zones provide flexible cooking for multiple dishes - Fast heat up saves you time and energy, getting you cooking quicker - Touch controls offer simple and stylish control over your cooking Flexible cookingRelish in... Find out more
NEFF T48FD23X0 Electric Induction Hob - Black
Top features:- Induction cooking for precision cooking - Stylish touch controls for simple operation Induction cookingEnjoy faster heat up times and precision cooking with the Neff T48FD23X0 Electric Induction Hob. Induction cooking directs... Find out more
NEFF T10B40X2 Electric Ceramic Hob - Black
Use the black Neff T10B40X2 Electric Ceramic Hob for a versatile cooking solution.Four-zone hobYou'll be able to comfortably accommodate pots and pans of different sizes on this ceramic electric hob with four cooking zones of various... Find out more

Electric hobs are designed to make cooking quicker and easier. Regardless of whether you regularly cook for a big family, or you only cook occasionally, there’s an electric hob that will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

There’s no end to the home cooked meals you can produce with an electric hob. You can heat up your leftovers or throw some chopped tomato and basil into a pan to create a simple pasta sauce. If you like a cooked breakfast, you can fry up sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and some eggs in a frying pan. And when you need help getting to sleep at night, try warming up some milk in a small pan for a relaxing bedtime drink. The only limit is your imagination.

Beginners and seasoned pros alike will appreciate having an electric hob at their disposal, and there are plenty of hobs to choose from, including top of the range brands and special integrated electric hobs that are designed to slot seamlessly into your fitted kitchen.

If you don’t fancy an electric hob, check out our selection of gas hobs. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, take a look at the Siemens range of electric hobs.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to cook, or you want a hob that compliments your kitchen, an electric hob is ideal.

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