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The professional choice

X Series

Fujifilm digital cameras X Series

The Fujifilm X Series propels you to new heights of photography. The X range is built with groundbreaking photographic technology to achieve the very best in image quality. Crafted with a comfortable chassis with a striking ergonomic design that is the pinnacle of style! With plenty of creativity, exceptional image quality, these cameras really are the professional’s choice.

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The Fujifilm X-Pro 1 is developed with a revolutionary new image sensor that captures raw, defined and expressive image quality. Combined with the new range of XF lenses this stunning camera will add a new dimension to your photographic expression.

The X-Trans CMOS sensor takes inspiration from film, to produce an ‘unfiltered’ resolution for superior image quality.

The hybrid Multi-viewfinder gives you more flexibility, while optimising magnification to the mounted lens.

Boost your photography performance with a choice of first-rate single-focal length lenses.

Fujinon XF Lenses

Boundless photography is guaranteed, thanks to the Fujinon interchangeable XF lenses and original Fujifilm X mount. These Fujinon XF lenses take your creative photography a step further. Designed to perfection, these lenses produce enhanced resolution, light volume and even reduced chromatic aberration. High performing single-focal length lenses promise outstanding image capture, for an unrivalled finish.

Lens OP11100632

Focal length: 18mm

(equivalent 27mm)

The compact and lightweight, wide angle lens is effective in increasing the maximum aperture for stunning results.

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Lens OP11100623

Focal length: 35mm

(equivalent 53mm)

Capture compositions with beautifully focused subjects, complemented by out-of-focus backgrounds and get creative with the depth of field, great for professional looking images!

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Lens OP11100628

Focal length: 60mm

(equivalent 91mm)

The mid telephoto lens is best for capturing dramatic portraits, with stunning blur and detailed definition.

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With an ultra compact body, the X100 captures your professional and creative expression, while an abundance of sophisticated features provides limitless photography potential.

The 12.3mp high sensitivity APS-C sensor achieves a low noise performance for superior image quality.

Enjoy new dimensions and artistic freedom from a hybrid viewfinder; composed with highly developed digital functionality. A 23mm F2 single focal lens captures images in vivid detail with expression and uncompromised quality.

X-pro-3 More Info

Premium style and superb functionality gives this Fujifilm camera exciting photography potential. Great for your professional and creative needs, it’s equipped with cutting-edge functions that will greatly enhance your enjoyment.

Featuring a large 12mp 2/3” EXR-CMOS sensor and bolstered by an EXR processor, this camera achieves a powerful and speedy performance with excellent image quality.

The bright viewfinder and the Fujinon lens delivers a versatile shooting experience.

The newly developed manual barrel 4x optical zoom lens, ranging from 28mm wide to 112mm telephoto, achieves a triumphant performance for its compact size.

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A camera for all occasions, this Fujifilm X-S1 has got the technology and versatility to capture stunning images in any photographic situation. With high image quality and a comfortable design, this impressive Fujifilm camera captures your shots with precision.

The 12mp 2/3” EXR-CMOS sensor optimises the picture based on the scene, capturing it in astounding detail.

The advanced high resolution electronic viewfinder assists with shooting your image. The intelligent digital zoom doubles your zoom to the equivalent of 52x zoom without compromising the image quality.

Equipped with a high precision Fujinon lens, this camera has a focal range of 24mm wide to 24-624mm zoom, for bright and flawless images.