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No gaming setup is complete without a suitably advanced gaming monitor. Sure, getting a great gaming PC is all-important if you want to enjoy PC gaming at its exhilarating best, but to really optimise the experience, a cutting-edge gaming monitor is vital.

Specifically designed to deliver gamer-centric performance, the latest gaming PC monitors offer lightning fast refresh rates and awesome 4K resolution, helping to ensure that you’re experiencing your favourite games as they were designed to be experienced.

The Currys gaming monitor collection features the latest models from leading manufacturers like MSi, Acer and Benq and showcases an array of exciting technological innovations that will take your gaming to the next level. The very best 4K gaming monitors combine large, immersive displays, incredibly detailed resolution and stunningly fast refresh rates. If you’re looking for a super responsive screen that can keep up with the breakneck speeds of today’s top games, you’ll find a great choice of 144hz gaming monitors in the Currys collection.

For extra-immersive gaming, a curved gaming monitor, like the incredible 49 inch Acer Nitro, delivers an all-consuming experience, filling your peripheral vision and ensuring you stay alert to every inch of the gaming action.

Our collection offers a comprehensive choice of gaming monitors, spanning the full spectrum of sizes, from compact 22 inch models to cinematic 55 inch monitors that put you in the heart of the action.

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