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Many of us now take full advantage of a sat nav device in our day-to-day driving as well as when we venture further afield. However, attached you may be to the questionable pleasures of unassisted navigation, there are times when the benefits of a good sat nav setup are impossible to dispute. For many of us it’s hard to imagine how we ever managed before sat nav technology arrived to save us from navigational chaos! Our sat nav range includes Garmin sat nav accessories and TomTom sat nav accessories that will further enhance your sat nav experience and help keep your trusty navigational assistant in tip top working order. Popular sat nav accessories include staples like adhesive dashboard disks that will ensure your TomTom doesn’t lose its grip mid journey and the TomTom GPS Sat Nav Traffic Receiver, which dramatically enhances your TomTom by providing real-time traffic updates. Enabling you to dodge traffic jams and check for alternative routes, the Traffic receiver is a sat nav accessory that can make a serious difference to your day-to-day driving. Our sat nav accessory collection also includes a wide variety of chargers, adaptors and mounts for both Garmin and TomTom sat nav devices. Sometimes getting from A to B doesn’t always go to plan, an unexpected turn could add an extra hour onto your journey. But ensuring you have the best sat nav set up can help make your journey go as smoothly as possible. Our sat nav accessories range includes mounts, chargers and cables, so you’ll find the everything you need to enhance your navigational set up – compatible with top models including Mio sat navs , Garmin sat navs and TomTom devices. It doesn’t matter if you have a truck, motorcycle or car sat nav, you’ll need a good mount to ensure your device stays safe and secure when taking tight turns or exiting roundabouts. Our wide range of mounts means that you can easily find one that suit your vehicle. Whether you would prefer an adhesive dashboard mount disk, allowing you to place your device anywhere on the dashboard, or a windshield or air vent mount for easy access, the choice is yours. Of course, keeping your sat nav and other electronic devices like smartphones and tablets juiced up and ready to go is vital to ensure a successful, stress-free journey. A universal car charger, such as one from the Goji sat nav accessories range , is an essential item to have in any vehicle to ensure your sat nav battery doesn’t die while you’re on the road. Plus, keeping the kids entertained on long drives is easily done if you have a family-friendly universal car charger that can charge four devices at once. Naturally, you’ll want to keep your kit protected when you’re not behind the wheel, so keep your sat nav device, cords and adaptors wrapped up safe in a carry case. Not only will this defend against scuffs and scratches, but it also makes it easy to store and transport all your gear from the house to the car.

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