Google Home Mini

Small and mighty.

Powered by Google Assistant, you can get hands-free help by asking questions and telling it to do things. Just start by saying "Ok Google" to get the help you need.

Get the answers you need.

With just your voice, you can get the latest weather, news, traffic, finance, sports, and more. You can also ask it to help you with translations, calculations, nutritional information, and unit conversations. For more powerful searching and obscure questions, you can ask with the power of Google Search, Maps, and more built right in.

Waking up to winding down.

Get personalised help in managing your schedule, commute, and more whenever Google Home Mini recognises your voice (with your permission, of course). You can use it to set alarms, timers, and reminders so you don’t ever have to forget.

Play, pause and rewind. Hands-free.

Control your TV or speakers with just your voice. Google Home Mini works with your Chromecast so you can begin streaming shows, movies, and music from compatible content providers.2

Control your smart home.

Compatible with smart home systems such as Philips Hue, Nest, and Hive, the Google Home Mini can follow commands from your voice to control lights, thermostats, switches, and more.3

Your personalised assistant.

Google Assistant provides information that is personalised to you. It can distinguish between your voice and others so you can get answers tailored to you.4

Choose between a range of colours.

Choose your favourite colour that matches your home aesthetic. Google Home Mini comes in Charcoal and Chalk.

Works with the products and services that you already love.4



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