Grundig Washing Machines & Tumble Dryers

Relax knowing that your clothes will look as good as new with your Grundig washing machine or tumble dryer.

They’re eco-friendly, helping to save time and money with ProDose and Quick Wash programmes, and Sensor Dry and Anti-crease dryer cycles.

Accredited by the British Allergy Foundation and Woolmark accreditations, Grundig washing machines and tumble dryers are designed for sensitive skins and delicate clothing.

Discover the Grundig Laundry range

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Washing Machines

AquaPerfect 40°/40 Quickwash

When you haven’t got time for a full wash cycle, this clever function refreshes a full load at 40°C in just 40 minutes. The warm water and a special intense tumbling rhythm help to ensure your clothes are thoroughly washed in the short time frame.

Anti-Allergy Programme

Ideal for those sensitive to skin irritants and asthma triggers like dust, pet hair and pollen. The programme works to completely remove any traces from the wash and is endorsed by Allergy UK.

Your favourite clothes
...Looking good for longer

Tumble Dryers

Grundig tumble dryers dry your clothes gently and cost-effectively, available in capacities up to 9 kg. They’ll help to reduce creasing thanks to multiple cycle options including cottons, synthetics, bedding and shirts. Ten separate timed modes let you fit laundry days in with your lifestyle.

Express Dry

Even with a cost-efficient A+ energy rating, Express Dry helps reduce drying times by up to 24% compared to a standard 8 kg tumble dryer.

Heat Pump Technology

This intelligent mode recycles heat created during drying rather than adding more, improving energy efficiency. Reduced drying temperatures care for your clothes, helping to avoid shrinkage.

Sensor Dry

To prevent unnecessary over-drying and creasing, your Grundig dryer stops when it reaches the desired drying level thanks to sensors which detect fabric moisture levels.

Automatic Anti-Crease

If you can’t get home in time, don’t worry about your clothes sitting in the dryer. This mode periodically rotates the drum for up to two hours after the cycle ends, gently separating the laundry to help reduce creasing.

Large water tank

You’ll be emptying the water tank less often with an extra-large 5.3 litre tank capacity.

Wool protect programme

Dry your wool fabrics gently using this Woolmark-endorsed programme.

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