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Whip up a whole host of healthy meals, juices and smoothies with our extensive range of hand blenders.

Blend, chop and crush a wide range of delicious foods in no time at all with our range of high quality, lightweight hand blenders. This kitchen essential will help you expand your cooking skills and introduce your meal times to lots of new and exciting dishes.

Our range of hand blenders feature a number of top brands including Braun and Morphy Richards, allowing you to experience exceptional quality, versatility and performance when cooking.

Ideal for whipping up your favourite soups, sauces and other liquid-based dishes, enjoy splash-free blending and great results. But that’s not all, the majority of hand blenders in this range are also suitable for chopping vegetables, mincing meats and even crushing up nuts!

If you love a hand blender but want to be able to multitask in the kitchen, check out range of electric blenders. Those looking to boost their fruit and veg intake should look at our full range juicers, you're sure to find the right product for you.

Great for quick, effortless blending, a hand blender can be an invaluable labour-saving device in any kitchen, sparing you the hassle of reaching for (and cleaning!) the food processor. Perfect for chopping, blending and puréeing, hand blenders come into their own if you’re whipping up a quick soup, dip or sauce.

Our collection of hand blenders features the latest models from leading kitchen appliance brands like Braun, Bosch and Russell Hobbs and showcases an exciting variety of innovative features. Many of our hand blenders are more versatile than you might expect, like the sleek and sturdy Kitchenaid 5KHB2571BER, which comes equipped with three interchangeable stainless steel blades to perform a multitude of tasks, from ice crushing to chopping cooked meats and frothing milk.

Other hand held blenders in the Currys collection include handy extras, like the fresh vacuum system (which allows you to keep your food fresh for longer in the included zipper bags) that comes with some of our Bosch ErgoMixx blenders, or the 14 accessories (including slicing tools, kneading tools, puree and masher accessories and even a French fry disk) that are included with the Braun Multi Quick 9.

If you’re looking for a hand blender with enough oomph to whizz through tough ingredients, like hard root vegetables for a soup or chunks of ice for a cooling smoothie, you’ll find a choice of seriously powerful models that will make short work most blending jobs. The Braun MultiQuick range is armed with 1000 W motors and an array of speed settings, giving you the power to whizz, whirr and blitz your way to perfectly smooth soups, smoothies and sauces.

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