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Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or find a great hobby gift for someone else, we’ve got a fantastic range of gadgets, toys and tech for all kinds of hobbies. From high-powered binoculars to take in nature, to digital pianos that let you discover your inner Mozart, you’ll find it all right here.

Our range of musical instruments and music tech has everything you need to get the band going. You’ll find both acoustic and electric guitar bundles, complete with cables and amplifiers, keyboards, microphones, and portable PA systems to take the show on the road. We even audio interfaces to help perfect the mix.

Or, if astronomy is your passion, you’ll find what you’re looking for to gaze at the universe in our toy and hobby range. Many of our home telescopes can magnify over 100x, with controls to track objects across the sky. You’re in the right place for great hobby gift ideas.