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Our team have some serious techsperience in everything from smart phones to laundry.

That’s why we started Our Experts Love – a range of products we particularly love and think you will too. As you take a look round our website, you’ll find their thoughts on all sorts of amazing tech. And, if it comes with their recommendation, you can be sure it’s a top choice.

Things to consider

What is the run time for a cordless vacuum cleaner?

It depends on the battery life. Our range of cordless vacuums can run for short spurts like 15 minutes, all the way up to a whopping 1 hour. Choosing the right one will depend on how large your home is. A Family home may need a longer running time while a smaller place like a flat will take less time to clean. From Dyson to Vax, you can view our range and compare which cordless vacuum is right for you.

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Do cordless vacuum cleaners have less capacity than other vacuums?

Handheld and cordless vacuums are designed to be easier to move around so the capacity will be smaller. You will have to weigh up what is more important when you're cleaning. Freedom to move about the house, or how often you may empty your vacuum.

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What does the voltage of a cordless vacuum cleaner mean?

Higher the voltage, the longer you can expect your cordless vacuum to last. If you know you need to clean a larger home, you may want to consider a higher voltage cordless vacuum - you'll find the voltages for each vacuum on our product pages.

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For an upright vacuum cleaner, what is the difference between bagged & bagless?

The diference between to a bagless and bagged vacuum is down to how you empty it. A bagged vacuum lets you remove a material bag and empty the contents directly into the bin. However a bagless vacuum will be a whole compartment of you will need to detach and empty out instead. No one is any better than the other, it just can be prefrence on how you clean around your home.

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How good is the Maneuverability of an upright vacuum cleaner?

It will depend on the size of vacuum you're going for. Generally, the higher capacity, the heavier and larger an upright vacuum will be. You will need to compare the various capacities from our range and make your choice from there. You can also get different types of designs, e.g. the Dyson ball designs allow easy maneuvering when reaching under furniture around the home.

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Check out our whole range of vacuums to keep your home and business clean. From Cordless and Handheld vacuums, to Upright, Cylinder and Steam, you can choose whichever suits your home.

If you want to up the sophistication, you may want to invest in a Robotic vacuum cleaner. These nifty devices will do all the hard work for you so you don't need to worry about spending hours cleaning your home ready for guests.