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BEURER BS55 LED Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror
Keep looking your best with the Beurer BS55 LED Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror. This mirror features a 360-degree swivel that simplifies your beauty ritual, while X 7 magnification lets you get every detail of your eyes and lashes just right.... Find out more
BEURER FT90 Non-Contact Thermometer
Safely and hygienically measure temperatures with the Beurer FT90 Non-Contact Thermometer. Ideal for use on babies and small children, you don't need to make contact with the skin for accurate readings within ± 0.3°C.Displaying temperatures in... Find out more
OMRON HBF-306-E BF 306 Body Fat Monitor
Keep track of your health with the quick and easy to operate Omron HBF-306-E BF 306 Body Fat Monitor.Simply hold the unit and receive measurements within seven seconds, tracking your body fat percentage and BMI.The unit is battery operated (not... Find out more
LUMIE Bodyclock Luxe 700
Top features: - Gradual sunrise and sunset to aid your sleeping patterns - Bluetooth connectivity to stream music   - USB port for music playback or charging devices   - Low-blue light option to help you fall asleep   Gradual sunrise... Find out more
OMRON M3 HEM-7131-E Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Top features: - Intellisense technology ensures ideal cuff inflation - Irregular heartbeat detection - Memory settings store a large amount of data IntellisenseAccuracy is of the utmost importance when recording your blood pressure, which is... Find out more
BABYLISS True Glow Sonic Skincare Cleansing System
  Use this Babyliss True Glow Sonic Skincare System for better, more consistent results than a manual skin care routine. Select from three switchable brushes to gently remove dirt, makeup and other impurities from your pores. Suitable for the... Find out more
FOREO ISSA Hybrid Electric Toothbrush
Top features:- Show off a brighter smile with sonic pulse technology- Ergonomic design and long battery life you can count on- Ten-year guarantee for peace of mindShow off brighter smileFlash a fresh and confident smile anywhere you go with the... Find out more
BRAUN ThermoScan 3 Ear Thermometer
Record precise ear temperatures in just one second with the Braun ThermoScan 3 Ear Thermometer.Readings are simple to understand with different beeps indicating normal, elevated and high temperatures.There's an easy to read LCD display and the... Find out more
REVLON Travel Chic Manicure Set
Keep your nails looking at their best even when you're away from home with the Revlon Travel Chic Manicure Set.It can be powered by mains or AA batteries and comes with 13 attachments so you can treat your hands and feet.And when you're finished,... Find out more

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