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DYSON Hot + Cool AM09 Fan Heater - White Nickel
Ideal for use in all seasons, the Dyson Hot + Cool AM09 Fan Heater offers precise, room-filling air temperature, powered by intelligent Air Multiplier technology, now with jet focus. From summer to winter Perfect for use all year round, the... Find out more
LOGIK L15OFR15 Oil-Filled Radiator
Quickly warm up your room when you get home with the Logik L15OFR15 Oil-Filled Radiator.This 1500 W radiator offers three heat settings, so you can choose between a low setting to gently heat the room or the high setting to quickly warm yourself up. Find out more
ESSENTIALS C20CHW11 Convector Heater
Keep warm on those cold evenings with the Essentials C20CHW11 Electric Convector Heater. With 2000 W of power this heater can warm up a room in no time, all you have to do is plug it in and get comfortable. The radiator style heater can sit up... Find out more
LOGIK L20CTH17 Ceramic Fan Heater - Black & Silver
Keep the room at a comfortable temperature. With two heat settings and a fan-only option you can heat up and cool down as needed.To spread the heat more evenly, the Logik L20CTH17 Ceramic Fan Heater oscillates up to 75°.The L20CTH17 Heater's... Find out more
LOGIK L20CHW10 Convector Heater
The Logik L20CHW10 Convector Heater is a great way to rapidly heat a room or create a cosy warm corner in your home during the cold winter days.The Logik L20CHW10 has three heat settings, a thermostat to maintain an even heat and also a timer. In... Find out more
STATUS OFH9-2000W1PKB Oil-Filled Radiator - Grey
Keep warm with a Status OFH9-2000W1PKB Oil-Filled Radiator. Three heat settings and an adjustable thermostat mean you can change the temperature to suit your needs.With its useful built-in carry handle you can easily move the Status OFH9-2000W1PKB... Find out more
STATUS HH-1200W1PKB Panel Heater
Keep toasty in all temperatures thanks to the Status HH-1200W1PKB Panel Heater with three heat settings.At just 1.7 kg, this halogen heater is easy to carry from room to room if need be, and its grey and black exterior will happily fit in with... Find out more
DIMPLEX DXGLO2 GloFan Hot & Cool Fan Heater
With a sophisticated LED ring that lights up to indicate operating mode, the Dimplex DXGLO2 GloFan Hot and Cool Fan Heater offers a 2000 W heat output to keep you toasty in the home or office.When used in heating mode, the DXGLO2 Heater displays... Find out more
DIMPLEX CDE2Ti Cadiz ECO Oil-Free Radiator
With its unique, environmentally friendly oil-free technology delivering rapid warm-up, the Dimplex CDE2Ti Cadiz ECO Electric Oil-Free Radiator is 50 % more effective than its equivalent oil-filled radiator counterpart, offering an efficient 2000... Find out more
DIMPLEX CDE3ECC Cadiz ECO Oil-Free Radiator
With its unique, environmentally friendly oil-free technology delivering rapid warm-up, the Dimplex CDE3ECC Cadiz ECO Oil-Free Radiator is 50 % more effective than its equivalent oil-filled radiator counterpart, offering an efficient 3000 W of... Find out more
BIONAIRE BASF1516-IUK 2-in-1 Desk & Pedestal Fan - Chrome
Versatile and stylish, the chrome Bionaire BASF1516-IUK 2-in-1 Desk & Pedestal Fan will keep you cool at work or at home. Versatile fan Get the best of both worlds with the BASF1516-IUK and configure it as either a desktop or pedestal fan for... Find out more
DIMPLEX DXSTG25 Ceramic Fan Heater
The attractive black Dimplex DXSTG25 Ceramic Fan Heater will keep you warm and toasty on cold days thanks to 2000 W of heating power.Thermostat-controlled, this oscillating heater has two heat settings for your convenience, as well as a power... Find out more
STATUSINT Flame Effect Oscillating Fan Heater - White
Cosy up to the fire with the Status Flame Effect Oscillating Fan Heater. Capable of heating the room up quickly with a choice of two heat settings, the Flame Effect Oscillating Fan Heater is a great way to keep your home feeling toasty in the... Find out more
STATUS OFH5-500W1PKB Portable Oil-Filled Radiator - Grey
Get your room feeling toasty in minutes with the Status OFH5-500W1PKB Portable Oil-Filled Radiator. Light and portable for easy transportation between rooms and floors, the OFH5500W1PKB Radiator has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to... Find out more
SWAN SH60010CN Oil-Filled Radiator - Cream
Warm your home quickly with the Swan SH60010CN Oil-Filled Radiator. This 2000 W radiator comes with thermostat controls and three different heat settings, ideal if you want to warm your room. If you do turn the radiator up to its highest setting,... Find out more
STATUS 9" Desk Fan - White
For a compact, efficient solution to keeping yourself cool, consider the Status 9" Desk Fan in white.With two different speed settings, you can adjust the fan to meet your personal preference, and it is also possible to adjust the angle to the... Find out more

Precisely controlling the temperature in your home or workspace has never been easier and more affordable. Our range of heating and cooling devices provide effective heat controlling solutions to suit a wide variety of spaces. Whether you want to keep things cool during the warmer months or transform an icy room into a toasty sanctuary from the cold of winter, we’re sure to have a handy device that perfectly fits the bill.

Compact yet effective heating no longer has to be loud and inefficient. Just look at the Delonghi Dragon 4 TRDS40820E Oil-Filled Radiator, a whisper quiet little heater that will warm up any room quickly and efficiently while keeping energy consumption to a minimum thanks to its innovative Eco Plus feature. Our heating and cooling range also includes several highly affordable Logik heaters like the stylish and compact L20CTH11 PTC Ceramic Fan Heater.

We’ve even got duel purpose Dyson heaters and fans that offer powerful room heating in the winter as well as a pleasant flow of cool air in the summer. Top of the range Dyson heating and cooling devices like the bladeless Dyson Hot + Cool AM09 Fan Heater deliver precise, room-filling air temperature, allowing you to precisely regulate room temperature and create the perfect atmosphere wherever you are.

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