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HOOVER Floorcare

With over a century of innovation at our core, Hoover is the trusted name in floorcare. Our wide range of products has been designed with you in mind, to help keep your home beautifully clean. A Hoover vacuum takes the hassle out of your housework, so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Lightweight, long lasting and incredibly versatile. Hoover cordless vacuums make it easier than ever to keep your home and car spotlessly clean. Once you try one, you’ll wish you’d switched sooner.

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HOOVER Cordless Sticks

Lightweight with long lasting powerful suction, Hoover cordless sticks are incredibly versatile. With multifunctional usability & comfortable handling, it has never been easier to keep your home spotlessly clean. Once you try one, you’ll wish you’d switched sooner.