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Globe is Hoover’s range of highly manoeuvrable upright vacuum cleaners designed with innovative ‘twist and steer’ technology. Globe features a multi-cyclonic no loss of suction dust separation system designed for high performance output. With its Hoover patented twist & steer technology, Globe provides you with directional control to glide around and under furniture in your home with maximum ease.


Globe is available with a 1 year guarantee and is packed with all the features to make your household cleaning quick, effective and hassle free.

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Key features

Hoover Twist & Steer

Twist & Steer Technology for ease of movement around your furniture

Hoover Multi Cyclonic

Multi Cyclonic, No Loss of Suction dust separation for sustained high performance

Hoover Extendable reach

Extendable reach including full 13 stair cleaning

Hoover Reduction in size

Reduction in size for compact storage

Hoover GL1109


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Hoover GL1106


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Hoover globe

Flex Multifunction tool

Available on Globe GL1109, our unique and exclusive Flex Multifunction tool is great for numerous cleaning chores. Giving you additional easy reach, this tool has a number of adjustable positions to allow you to precisely direct the suction, making it ideal for those awkward and difficult to reach areas around your home.

Hoover duster

1. The Duster

The soft dusting brush is designed to gently, yet effectively, clean delicate surfaces and fabrics. From your furniture to your blinds, you'll be able to give your home a deep and thorough clean.

Hoover mattress

2. The Mattress Tool

Remove the dusting brush from the head and you have the ideal tool for getting dust and dust mites out of your mattress and sofas.

Hoover crevice

3. The Crevice Tool

The long extendable crevice tool is ideal for getting into nooks and crannies such as behind your radiators.

Hoover adjuster

4. The Adjuster

The adjuster is located at 3 points on the product. The base, the neck and the head. Adjustable by turning 360 degrees the adjuster allows the flex multifunction tool to reach over, under and around objects.

Hoover extender

5. The Extender

The integral telescopic extender increases the flexi tool length from 56cm to 75cm allowing you to reach those high cobwebs easily.