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HOOVER HCS5172WK 50/50 Fridge Freezer - White
The Hoover HCS5172WK 50/50 Fridge Freezer has versatile storage options to help you make the most of your space.The fridge has two adjustable shelves that let you rearrange the layout to suit the sizes of groceries, while a salad crisper keeps... Find out more
HOOVER HCN6182BK 50/50 Fridge Freezer - Black
The Hoover HCN6182BK Fridge Freezer has plenty of space storing food and looks great in any modern kitchen thanks to its smooth black finish.It features Hoover's Total Frost Free technology, which completely prevents frost and ice from building up... Find out more
HOOVER HVBF5182WWK Fridge Freezer - White
Top features: - 50/50 split with loads of internal storage  - Cold water on tap with an in-door water dispenser  - Cost-effective and energy efficient  50/50 split The Hoover HVBF5182WWK Fridge Freezer in white gives you ample space for... Find out more
HOOVER HVBF5182AWK 50/50 Fridge Freezer - Silver
Top features: - 50/50 split with loads of internal storage - Cold water on tap with an in-door water dispenser - Cost-effective and energy efficient 50/50 split This Hoover HVBF5182AWK Fridge Freezer gives you plenty of space for your... Find out more
HOOVER HNC6185W4 50/50 Fridge Freezer - White
The Hoover HNC6185W4 Fridge Freezer provides a generous 284 litres of storage, easily meeting the needs of a busy household. With its fully integrated handles and brilliant white finish it's a sleek and functional addition to your kitchen.The... Find out more

Hoover fridge freezers combine great storage space with low prices, and Currys has a range of appealing fridge freezer models to suit your lifestyle.

Frost free appliances offer significant advantages as they never need manual defrosting, sparing your from time-consuming, messy chores. In the fridge you’ll be able to store plenty of fresh food on sturdy safety glass shelves, while generous drawers enable these affordable fridge freezers to accommodate all the frozen goods you need.

Available in glossy white and silver options, and featuring a cost-cutting A+ energy efficiency rating, Hoover fridge freezers from Currys give you a great way to store food for the whole family.

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