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Even cooking results, always...

“We've all been there – you've spent ages preparing a gorgeous family meal, only for the oven to go and ruin it by overcooking some stuff and leaving something else underdone. Multi-Flow Technology takes that pain away, with a perfectly even cooking temperature throughout the whole oven – no more burnt edges or uncooked middles.”

- Jamie Oliver


Enjoy perfectly cooked dishes every meal.

Express your creativity in the kitchen with consistently excellent results, our range of ovens are design to promote perfect cooking on the inside and out for mouth-watering meals you can celebrate in every bite.



Hob technology that's designed to give you great results, choose between gas, ceramic or induction models.

Induction cooking offers quick heat up and are extremely energy efficient.



Keep your kitchen sweet smelling with a Hotpoint cooker hood. Designed to purify the air of lingering odours, we've also included some impressive features to keep noise from interrupting conversation and cleaning a breeze.



Efficient, easy to clean and with fast responsive heat, our range of electric, gas and dual fuel cookers feature great technology so you enjoy perfectly cooked meals.

Why change your oven?

What our customer say

“Quiet, efficient, cooks perfectly. Can't fault it at all. Very easy to install. Excellent.”

- Dawn

“Very big oven takes large roasting tins with ease, looks nice, once you've had a quick read of the manual the controls are very simple and straightforward to use.”

- Jason

Dynamic Crisp Microwaves

“Dynamic Crisp Technology for microwaves is really impressive. It cooks all those delicious things that you’d normally roast, but so much faster. Use it for perfect roasties and delicious juicy chicken with crisp, golden skin in just 12 minutes.”

Direct Flame Hob

“I love cooking on gas and the control you get. Hotpoint’s Direct Flame Technology means the flames point directly up and hit the pan evenly, so you get no hot or cold spots, to cook your food evenly and efficiently. Happy cooking.”

Induction Hob

“If you want great control and speed when you’re cooking, then Hotpoint’s induction hobs are just what you need. Unlike your electric hobs, induction gets up to temperature really quickly and cools off quicker as well. Perfect.”

Class 4 Single Oven

The Hotpoint SI4 854 C IX Built-In Oven comes in a black look and features a stylish monodial control. This oven has eternal catalytic liners which means they will never need to be replaced. They work by burning off grease and food when temperatures reach over 200°C, meaning no need for harsh chemicals or elbow grease to get your oven sparkling clean. It features 8 traditional functions and 6 automatic programmes so you get involved as much or as little as you like. Complete with electronic temperature control and anti fingerprint steel, this oven takes all the hassle out of cooking.

Hotpoint Refrigeration

Class 2

Always have perfectly cooked food.

Hotpoint Smart Cooking Appliances

Class 4

No need to strain your back cleaning the oven.

Hotpoint Smart Plus Cooking Appliances

Class 6

More room to cook the things you love.

Hotpoint Ultima S-Line Cooking Appliances

Eternal Catalytic liners

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Multiflow Heat Distribution

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Large capacity 73L