Fridge freezers provide the ideal combined storage solution. Our comprehensive range includes a variety of widths and styles to suit every kitchen, packed full of the latest technology to make your life easier.
Freestanding fridge freezers can be positioned anywhere in your kitchen, making them a practical and versatile addition to your home. With a range of sizes to choose from, you'll find the ideal fit for your kitchen.
Integrated fridge freezers are designed to blend into your kitchen, sitting behind cabinet doors to offer discrete storage for your food. Our comprehensive range includes various widths to accommodate all households.
Larger than traditional fridge freezers, American style models offer more space for your food. Whether you’re looking for intelligent storage or integrated water and ice dispensers, our range will accommodate your needs.
Want an American style fridge freezer but less space to work with? Then get great features like integrated water and ice dispensers with a fridge freezer that fits where you need it to go!
Freestanding fridges are an ideal addition to any home, whether you're just looking to expand your storage options or when you're limited for space. Check out our range of models to find the ideal match for your kitchen.
Integrated fridges sit behind a cabinet door in modern kitchens, ideal for those with smaller kitchens and providing ample storage to keep your food fresh. Explore our range to find the ideal model for your home.
Freestanding freezers are an ideal solution to storing your frozen goods as they can be installed anywhere. Whether you're after an upright model or a chest freezer, you'll find plenty of options in our range.
Integrated freezers are an ideal way to discretely store your frozen goods in a modern kitchen. Designed to sit behind cabinet doors, you’ll find a whole range of widths and features to suit your needs in our range.
If you're serious about wine or love to entertain, a wine cooler is the ideal appliance. With multiple zones for storing red wine, white wine or champagne, our range of wine coolers can suit a collection of any size.

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Things to consider

The right size

From smaller fridges for your bedroom to American-style fridge freezers capable of storing a weekly shop for a large family, size is important.

Learn more about capacity for fridge freezers

Learn more about capacity for fridges

Energy rating and running costs

With energy ratings up to A, you can lower your household bills by using less energy. Save money and the environment at the same time.

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Food freshness - How to keep food fresher for longer?

Keep your favourite fruit and vegetables fresher for longer by choosing a model with a food freshness feature.

Learn more about food freshness for fridge freezers

Frost free & Total no frost?

Save yourself the hassle of defrosting by choosing appliances with the Frost Free or Total No Frost feature to prevent the build-up of ice and frost.

Learn more about frost free for fridge freezers

Learn more about frost free for freezers

Rear panel material

The rear panel material is an important choice, with metal backing provided the greatest protection from potential fire hazards.

Ice & Water dispenser

Enjoy chilled drinks on hot days with water and ice dispensers. Choose between plumbed appliances and in-door water tanks to suit your needs.

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Multi-door fridge freezers

Store your weekly shopping with ease by choosing a multi-door model. With multiple compartments to choose from, there’s plenty of space for everything.

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Multi Zone compartments offer a flexible way to store your foods. Whether you need more space in the fridge or want to freeze a big batch of food, you can adjust the temperature so it’s both a fridge and a freezer.

Wine cooler capacity

Whether you're just storing a few bottles or housing your entire collection, you can explore wine coolers with a range of capacity sizes.

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From large multi-door American-style models to undercounter models with reversible doors to convenient wine coolers, you'll find a wide range of products to keep your food and drink chilled.

Choose from freestanding and integrated models to suit your needs, with different capacity sizes to suit any household. Keep your bills low with energy efficient models and save yourself the hassle of defrosting with our frost free models.

Water and ice dispensers create chilled drinks on demand while food freshness features keep your shopping fresh for longer. Store your food with confidence.