Coffee accessories

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BODUM Pavina Double Wall Glass Set Glass Set - 4 pieces
From tea and coffee to cocktails and juice, the PAVINA Double Wall Glass Set contains four heat-proof glasses that are perfect for all your favourite hot and cold drinks.Each glass is individually mouth blown and features a double wall design to... Find out more
BODUM 11068-01 Travel Mug - Black
Save time and money with the Bodum 11068-01 Travel Mug.This handy travel mug from Bodum combines coffee maker with mug. The vacuum mug is made from stainless steel for maximum heat retention and has a stylish slip-proof silicon band for a safe and... Find out more
DELONGHI KG49 Electric Coffee Grinder - Black
The De'Longhi KG49 Electric Coffee Grinder is a sleek black grinder that has a 170 W power output to finely grind coffee beans.With a 90 g capacity, the KG49 Coffee Grinder can make about 12 cups of delicious coffee per use. The KG49 has a grind... Find out more
EDDINGTONS Coffee Stencils Gift Tin
Create fun patterns on your favourite hot drinks with the Eddingtons Coffee Stencils Gift Tin.This 9 cm gift tin contains 16 plastic stencils with different designs including a butterfly, heart, flower and more.Simply hold a stencil over your... Find out more
BODUM Latteo 1446-01 Milk Frother - Black
Indulge yourself in a delicious cappuccino in just thirty seconds with the Bodum Latteo 1446-01 Milk Frother.Stylish and easy to maintainThe Latteo has been designed with a comfortable grip and silk plastic lid so it will look smart on your... Find out more
LE'XPRESS LX Milk Frothing Jug - Stainless Steel
Effortlessly froth milk with the stainless steel Le'Xpress LX Milk Frothing Jug.This classic style Frothing Jug features an extra wide pouring lip, board base and narrow body which helps to generate maximum froth.Suitable for use with electric... Find out more
DELONGHI KG79 Electric Coffee Grinder - Black
Enjoy expertly ground coffee every morning, courtesy of the De'Longhi KG79 Coffee Grinder.Thanks to the Burr Grinding System, two grinding wheels preserve the quality of the coffee for freshly ground beans that are full of flavour.You can choose... Find out more
BODUM 11068-913 Travel Mug - Pink
Ideal for modern, busy lifestyles the Bodum 11068-278 Travel Mug in pink lets you enjoy delicious hot beverages from home. Warm drinks to go With a 0.35-litre capacity you can pour in your homemade coffee or tea and enjoy a large hot drink... Find out more
KITCHEN CRAFT Milk Frothing Thermometer - Stainless Steel
The handy Kitchen Craft Milk Frothing Thermometer is ideal for checking the temperature of your milk when making hot beverages.Taking the guesswork out of frothing or heating milk, this Thermometer simply clips onto the side of a frothing jug or... Find out more
BODUM 11068-948B-Y17 Travel Mug - Orange
The Bodum 11068-948B-Y17 Travel Mug is an essential item for carrying your hot beverages with you to enjoy on-the-go. It's great for brewing coffee and tea, and holding your favourite drinks.The vacuum mug is made from stainless steel for... Find out more

For the freshest and most aromatic home-brewed coffee, we have a fantastic range of coffee accessories. A speedy electric coffee grinder allows you to grind your ideal mix of beans in no time - a defining process in the art of making great coffee. Get the convenience of instant coffee while maintaining the flavour of brewed coffee with our coffee pods - ground coffee in their own individual filter bags. To top your freshly home-brewed beverage, or even to jazz up your instant coffee, our handy milk frothers produce hot or frothed milk in next to time. The Currys coffee accessories really bring appreciation and ease to the art of achieving the perfect home-brewed coffee.


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