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There’s surely nothing better than coming home from a hard day’s work to find a delicious bubbling stew or creamy curry ready and waiting to devour. Take the drudgery out of evening meal preparation with one of our versatile slow cookers. It’s so easy; just chop up and pop in your chosen ingredients, switch on the slow cooker and leave it to do its thing as you go about your day. Return home to delicious aroma’s and tender meats and veg. You can use our crock pots to shallow fry, steam, slow cook, boil rice or pasta, bake, stew and reheat. Enjoy delectable warm casseroles, roasts and sumptuous puddings without spending hours toiling away over a hot oven!


The epitome of easy cooking, a slow cooker is perfect for avid chefs and amateur cooks alike. Browse our full slow cooker range for models from well-known kitchenware brands like Hobbs, Breville and Morphy Richards and enjoy tender slow-cooked meals the whole family will love.

Designed to be used over a longer time-period than other cooking methods such as baking, boiling and frying, a slow cooker simmers your food at a low temperature to bring out the delicious flavours in your ingredients and tenderise meat. This makes them fantastic tools for whipping up one pot meals, such as soups, stews and casseroles. A large slow cooker is also ideal for cooking dishes such as curries, paella and slow-cooked meat or fish. Or you could even use a small slow cooker to cook up a batch of porridge, or to make a cake if you’re feeling creative.

One of the top benefits of slow cooking is that it’s much healthier than other cooking methods. Not only does the natural moisture released from ingredients usually remove the need for cooking oil, but slow cooker recipes are often packed with nutritious veggies. What’s more, it can cut down on prep time, as many recipes allow you to simply throw all your ingredients in and let the slow cooker work its magic. It can safely be left for hours to do its job without the need to check on it – in fact, it’s best left with the lid on while it’s cooking, to avoid releasing any heat. If the last thing you want to do at the end of a busy day is cook a meal from scratch, this is a great option for you – simply add the ingredients in the morning and let it simmer throughout the day, ready for dinner time!

Check out our full range and choose from a quality Crock Pot slow cooker, the best Swan slow cooker or a top-of-the-range Morphy Richards slow cooker.

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