Party food and drink

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ELGENTO E26006 Popcorn Maker - Red
Enjoy freshly made popcorn with the Elgento E26006 Popcorn Maker. This machine makes delicious popcorn in just three minutes, dispensing it straight into a bowl for you to add your own flavours. It's great for movie nights, parties, or a simple,... Find out more
ELGENTO E26011 Candy Floss Cart - Pink
Bring a touch of the fun fair to your party or movie night with the Elgento E26011 Candy Floss Cart. Styled like a classic candy floss cart, this small and portable machine is simple to use and easy to clean – great fun for the whole family. Find out more
SODASTREAM Carbonating Bottle - Twin Pack
With the SodaStream Carbonating Bottle you can always ensure you have cold water ready in the fridge.Coming in a convenient twin pack, the 1 litre Carbonating Bottle is suitable for use with the SodaStream Source and SodaStream Play machines,... Find out more

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