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PC gamers know that you need a specialist gaming PC to enjoy the latest, most demanding games at their very best. Without a powerful processor and a cutting-edge graphics card, computers inevitably struggle to deliver lightning fast gameplay and stunning graphics. Luckily, our PC collection offers a huge choice of dedicated gaming PCs that have been designed to tackle the demands of today’s top games.

Our selection of HP gaming PCs showcases all the attributes gamers should be looking for from a gaming mean machine. Take the stunning Omen range, which features sleek, stylish designs – complete with transparent sides – and serious specs that promise to deliver no-holds barred gaming.

Top of the range HP gaming PCs are armed with formidable processors, like the octa-core Intel® Core™ i7, and next level graphics, courtesy of the RTX 2080 Super GPU. With specs like these you needn’t hesitate to crank up the settings. The latest graphics cards deliver especially awesome results. Thanks to real-time ray tracing, in-game graphics can look as realistic as CGI. So, you'll see reflections and shadows that look flawlessly natural, making everything more immersive.

Of course, however immersive the gaming experience, you may want to do more than just play games on you PC. Our HP Omen range is no less impressive when it comes to other processor and graphics intensive tasks, like video editing and graphics rendering. Needless to say, such powerful HP gaming PCs will take less demanding tasks in their stride.

Check out our complete range of gaming PCs to browse the latest models from Alienware and MSI or the HP Pavilion collection for HP’s latest all-in-one PCs.

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