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HUSKY HUS-CN215 Drinks & Wine Cooler - Black & Silver
Top features: - Dual zone technology lets you store wine at two different temperatures - Temperature controls using the simple display - Reduced vibrations maintains the quality of the wine Dual zone technologyTake care of your wine with the Husky... Find out more
HUSKY Reflections HUS-HN10 Wine Cooler - Black
This single-zone Husky Reflections HUS-HN10 Wine Cooler provides a beautifully controlled storage space for your precious wine bottles.Ideal for the wine enthusiastYou'll be able to store up to 34 standard 75cl wine bottles in this great dedicated... Find out more
HUSKY HUS-ZY4-D-SS-26 Wine Cooler - Black & Silver
Top features: - Temperature controls over two separate zones - Maintains quality with a charcoal filter and UV protection - Practical storage with an integrated lock Temperature controls The Husky HUS-ZY4-D-SS-26 Wine Cooler is the... Find out more

Husky fridges are the centrepiece in any kitchen. They look great and come in a range of styles to suit all tastes from classic coca cola mini fridges to classy wine coolers that would be at home in a trendy bar.

A Husky fridge will take your kitchen to the next level. If you’re having a dinner party, Husky wine coolers will keep your wine at the optimum temperature and your guests will be impressed when they see how good your Husky fridge looks.

Each Husky fridge is engineered for maximum efficiency and features an adjustable temperature range, so when it comes to serving time, your beer, wine or soft drinks will always be exactly how you like them. Storing wine at the right temperature is essential, and a Husky fridge is a perfect way to ensure your wine is ready when you are. You can store red and white at the same time in the Husky HUS-CN215 Wine Cooler that’s available in a classy Black or Silver finish.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, check out our selection of Hotpoint Fridges and if you can’t find something you like there, or you want to see some more luxury fridges, take a look at our collection of Smeg Fridges.

When you want to keep soft drinks, beer and wine at the optimum temperature, a Husky fridge is ideal.

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