HyperX Peripherals


Incredible audio with award-winning comfort

Stay ahead of your opponents with superior sound quality, wired or wireless, at home or on the go. It doesn’t matter if you’re a PC pro or a champion on console, HyperX covers all the bases. Play in comfort and style with the HyperX Cloud headset range.


Strong and durable for high-level gaming

Have an edge on the online battlefield – no matter how you play. The HyperX Alloy gaming keyboards have a durable build, supporting you through those intense gaming sessions. No matter what you're playing, the HyperX Alloy Origins will give you accurate keystrokes with the original HyperX switches. HyperX Alloy keyboards have fully customisable RGB LEDs that will light up the road to victory.


Pinpoint precision and accurate tracking

Show off your skills with a HyperX Pulsefire mouse. HyperX offers lightweight and comfortable mice. Don’t want wires holding you back? HyperX can set you free with the Pulsefire Dart wireless mouse. The optical sensors allow you to eliminate your opponents with pinpoint precision and accuracy.

Mouse Pads

Seamless stitching for a smooth surface and control

For better control, a smooth surface is essential. The HyperX FURY S FPS Gaming Mouse Pad lets your mouse glide across it, without slipping when things get hectic. Its woven surface feels smooth and built for maximum performance for all types of games. It comes in four sizes to fit your gaming space and rolls up so you can take it anywhere.


Take your gaming setup to the next level with HyperX accessories.

The HyperX Chargeplay Base will keep your wireless Qi charge compatible devices powered and ready to go, whenever you need them. Look cool and stay comfortable while you game with the HyperX chairs and backpacks.

HyperX Peripherals

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned pro. No matter what you play or how you play it. We’re all gamers. With comfortable headsets that provide immersive audio quality, mice and keyboards designed for precision and control, microphones for clean and crisp audio – HyperX has got your back. Whatever your level, upgrade your gaming experience with HyperX peripherals.