Indesit Dishwashers

Making light work of your dirty dishes

Step away from your sink and forget about washing your dishes by hand... Buying a dishwasher makes for a tidier, more hygienic kitchen and saves you plenty of time, energy and money. Take a look at the Indesit collection and choose from a whole host of freestanding and built-in options not to mention the choice of different colours, features and widths including slimline and full size. There’s even a table top version too so if you thought you didn’t have space for a dishwasher, think again!

With a whole host of water and time saving features, not to mention AAA energy efficiency ratings the Indesit range of dishwashers caters for all lifestyles. All models offer the Eco 50 Wash designed to save you energy and money every time. Choose the next option up and get the unique speedy Time4You programme. Or if only the best will do take a look at the Indesit Prime dishwasher which is Super Silent and offers all the features and settings you could dream of.

Indesit Dishwashers

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Indesit Dishwasher features

  • Eco 50 Wash

    An efficient 50˚C cycle that cares for all the contents and saves you money at the same time!

  • Time4You

    Thanks to this unique programme from Indesit, this A rated 60˚C cycle washes your dishes in just over an hour ensuring perfect results every time!

  • Super Silent

    So quiet, you’ll hardly know the dishwasher is on thanks to the innovative technology that uses a super silent motor which significantly reduces noise resulting in our most silent dishwasher ever and perfect cleaning results every time.

  • Rapid 35

    Our quickest wash ever for when those unexpected guests turn up! Perfect for lightly soiled dishes, the rapid wash means dishes are clean in just 35 minutes.

Dishwasher Features