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INDESIT DD60G2CGK 60 cm Gas Cooker - Black & Silver
Cook with confidence and gain optimum results with the attractive Indesit DD60G2CGK 60 cm Gas Cooker in black and silver.Cooking with gasThe A+ rated energy efficient DD60G2CGK Cooker has two conventional ovens, an integrated grill, and four gas... Find out more
INDESIT DD60C2G2(X) 60 cm Gas Cooker - Silver
Top features:- Double oven with integrated grill offers plenty of cooking space - Catalytic liners make it easy to keep your cooker clean - LPG convertible to suit your needs Double oven with integrated grillThe Indesit DD60C2G2(X) 60 cm Gas... Find out more
INDESIT ID60G2X 60 cm Gas Cooker - Stainless Steel
This slim and stylish freestanding Indesit ID60G2X Gas Cooker will provide you with a first-class cooking experience, while adding a contemporary feel to your kitchen.Now you're cooking with gasNot only does the B rated energy... Find out more
INDESIT I5GG1S Gas Cooker - Silver
Top features: - Flame failure device keeps things safe - Keep pots and pans in the lower storage drawer - Time each cook perfectly using the minute minder Flame failure deviceThe Indesit I5GG1S Cooker has four gas burners to make cooking... Find out more
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INDESIT DD60C2CX Electric Ceramic Cooker - Mirror
Cook at home with the spacious and easy-to-use Indesit DD60C2CX Electric Ceramic Cooker with a mirrored finish. Fan oven Featuring a 74-litre cavity with a 39-litre secondary oven, the DD60C2CX Electric Ceramic Cooker gives you the space and... Find out more
INDESIT I5VSH K UK 50 cm Electric Ceramic Cooker - Black
Top features: - Easily clean your cooker with the removable glass door - Enjoy extra space for kitchen utensils with a bottom storage compartment - See your food cooking with a handy oven light Easily clean your cookerKeep your Indesit I5VSH K... Find out more
INDESIT ID60C2KS 60 cm Electric Ceramic Cooker - Black & Stainless Steel
Top features: - Simple maintenance with easy clean enamel interiors - Prevent accidents while cooking with the hot hob indicators - Cook with an even temperature throughout your oven with fan assisted heating Simple maintenanceKeeping your... Find out more
INDESIT I5GG(W) 50 cm Gas Cooker - White
Enjoy simple, everyday cooking with the Indesit I5GG(W) 50 cm Gas Cooker in white.Gas hobThe 4-burner gas hob creates instant heat with six power settings for versatile cooking.The heat deflector protects the hob's dial controls from heat damage,... Find out more
INDESIT I5ESHW Electric Cooker - White
Making it easy to cook up delicious dinners and deserts for your family and friends, treat your kitchen to the white Indesit I5ESHW Electric Solid Plate Cooker. Quality cooking The centre piece of this cooker is a single 61 litre conventional... Find out more
INDESIT DD60G2CGW 60 cm Gas Cooker - White
The Indesit DD60G2CGW Gas Cooker offers a practical design for traditional cooking. Twin cavities, including a large 81 litre main oven, offer ample cooking space - ideal when cooking for family and friends. Each cavity offers conventional... Find out more
INDESIT ID60G2K 60 cm Gas Cooker - Black
Top features: - Easy to use gas hob with glass lid - Generous 113 litre capacity is enough space to prepare large meals for the whole family - Full-width grill is great for crisping to perfection Easy to use gas hobWhether you're boiling or... Find out more
INDESIT ID60C2XS 60 cm Electric Ceramic Cooker - Stainless Steel
Top features: - Modern design is easy to clean and maintain - Powerful fan assisted heating cooks your meals quickly and evenly - Versatile cooking with an electric hob and grill Easy to clean and maintainKeeping your Indesit ID60C2XS 60 cm... Find out more
INDESIT KDP60SES 60 cm Dual Fuel Cooker - Mirror & Stainless Steel
Top features: - Prevent accidents while using the gas auto-cut off and front facing dials - Ensure thorough heating throughout your oven with fan assisted heat - Maintenance is quick and easy with the easy clean enamel interior Prevent... Find out more
INDESIT ID60C2WS Electric Ceramic Cooker - White
The white Indesit ID60C2WS Electric Ceramic Cooker is an easy-to-use appliance with a multitude of cooking options and a total capacity of over 90 litres. Responsive hob cooking The Indesit ID60C2WS Cooker boasts a smooth ceramic hob with four... Find out more
INDESIT I5GSH1(S) 50 cm Dual Fuel Cooker - Silver
Top features: - Enjoy simple maintenance with the removable door glass - The bottom storage drawer is great for storing your pots and pans - Ten year parts guarantee ensures durability and longevity - Prepare larger meals with ease in the... Find out more
INDESIT IT50C1 S 50 cm Electric Cooker - Silver
Top features: - Enjoy a crispy finish to your meals with the grill kit - Minute minder and oven light to monitor meals and expertly cook food - 10 year parts guarantee for peace of mind Crispy finish to your meals This Indesit IT50C1 50 cm... Find out more
INDESIT ID6IVS2A 60 cm Electric Induction Cooker - Anthracite
Add this stylish and feature packed Indesit ID6IVS2A 60 cm Electric Induction Cooker into your kitchen and make cooking a complete breeze.   Fast, safe, energy efficient cooking   Place your induction pots and pans on the induction hobs and cook... Find out more
INDESIT I6GG1W 60 cm Gas Cooker - White
Whether you're grilling, baking or frying, the Indesit I6GG1W 60 cm Gas Cooker delivers all-round versatility. Oven and grill The I6GG1W's medium sized gas oven features an integrated variable grill – perfect for cooking meats and vegetables.... Find out more
INDESIT I6EVA W UK 60 cm Electric Solid Plate Cooker - White
Top features: - Full glass door looks great whilst offering added functionality - Store your pots and pans with the bottom storage drawer - Peace of mind with ten year parts guarantee Full glass doorWith a full glass door, you won't have to open... Find out more
INDESIT I6VV2AW Electric Ceramic Cooker - White
Stylish, practical and easy to use, the Indesit I6VV2AW Electric Ceramic Cooker is a great addition to any kitchen, allowing you to cook up fabulous food with the minimum of fuss. Great for cooking The I6VVAW has a single 59-litre cavity that... Find out more

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