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INDESIT ICD661 Compact Dishwasher - White
Get squeaky clean dishes with the Indesit ICD661 Compact Dishwasher.Maximum resultsThe Indesit ICD661 Table Top Dishwasher may be compact but it doesn't compromise on quality with a triple-A rating for efficiency and performance. The handy... Find out more
INDESIT DFG15B1 Full-size Dishwasher - White
Convenient and practical, the white Indesit DFG15B1 Full-size Dishwasher offers excellent flexibility and functionality that will be a benefit to any household. Select a cycle With five washing programmes available, the DFG15B1 delivers a choice... Find out more
INDESIT DIF04B1 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher
The Indesit DIF04B1 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher can take care of the hard work as it features adjustable racking, a range of handy programmes and boasts an impressive A+ energy efficiency rating.Perfect programmingNo matter what you need to... Find out more
INDESIT DFG15B1S Full-size Dishwasher - Silver
Convenient and practical, the silver Indesit DFG15B1S Full-size Dishwasher offers excellent flexibility and functionality that will be a benefit to any household.Select a cycleWith five washing programmes available, the DFG15B1S delivers a... Find out more
INDESIT DSR15B Slimline Dishwasher - White
Top features: - Large capacity to wash more in one go - Versatile programs to suit every load - Efficient and durable design - Hygienic washing to keep your crockery free from bacteria  Large capacityCleaning up after entertaining for family and... Find out more
INDESIT Prime DFP27B10 Full-size Dishwasher - White
With a high-grade stainless steel interior, the hard-working, hard-wearing Indesit Prime DFP27B10 Full-size Dishwasher makes a smart addition to any modern kitchen.Reliable performance The Prime's four-stage filtration system with micromesh... Find out more
INDESIT DFG15B1K Full-size Dishwasher - Black
Convenient and practical, the black Indesit DFG15B1K Full-size Dishwasher offers excellent flexibility and functionality that will be a benefit to any household.Select a cycleWith five washing programmes available, the DFG15B1K delivers a... Find out more
INDESIT DISR 14B1 Slimline Integrated Dishwasher
Top features: - Stay kind to the environment with an A+ energy rating - Enjoy reliable results when you choose from the four automatic programs - Avoid accidents with anti-overflow sensors Stay kind to the environmentSave for the things you... Find out more
INDESIT Prime DSR57B Slimline Dishwasher - White
Compact and discreet, the Indesit Prime DSR57B Slimline Dishwasher is ideal for kitchens which are short on space or smaller households.The Prime DSR57B offers a variety of programs and functions to get your dishes clean efficiently and quickly.... Find out more
INDESIT Indesit DIF 16B1 Integrated Dishwasher - White
Top features:- Save money on wash cycles without compromising on performance with Fast Eco Cycle - Use less water per cycle whilst achieving the same great results - Rapid Wash program will complete a cycle in just 40 minutes - Tackle stubborn... Find out more
INDESIT DSR15BS Slimline Dishwasher - Silver
Top features:  - Reduce energy and water consumption with the Eco wash cycle  - Prevent the risk of flooding with anti-overflow technology  - Tackle the toughest burnt on stains with the Intensive wash cycle Reduce energy and water consumption... Find out more
INDESIT DFP 58T96 Z Full-Size Dishwasher - White
Top features:- Care for your family with the Baby Cycle that removes harmful bacteria - Clean all your crockery at once with this spacious dishwasher - Efficiently clean smaller loads with the Half Load setting - Enjoy peace of mind with a... Find out more
INDESIT DISR 57M96 Z UK Full-size Integrated Dishwasher
Top features: - Baby care cycle is for perfect cleaning and drying  - Delay timer provides flexible washing - Save water and energy without sacrificing results - Ten year parts guarantee for additional peace of mind Baby care cycleThe baby... Find out more
INDESIT DFGL 17B19 Full-size Dishwasher - White
Top features:- Range of programs to fit around your busy lifestyle - Half Load lets you wash smaller loads quickly - Height adjustable basket makes it easy to clean different items Range of programsThe Indesit DFGL 17B19 Full-size Dishwasher... Find out more
INDESIT DIF14T1 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher
Relax and let your dishwasher take care of the hard work with the Indesit DIF14T1 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher. With four programs and an excellent A+ energy efficiency rating, it's the perfect kitchen solution. Delightful dishwashing The... Find out more

Indesit dishwashers are designed to make life in the kitchen easier. Simply load up your dishwasher when you’ve finished eating, and it will take some of the chore out of cleaning up after meal times.

When you like to cook for your family, you already spend enough time in the kitchen, so you don’t want to spend even more time washing dirty dishes and plates. But when you have an Indesit dishwasher, you can enjoy more time away from the kitchen sink, as it will do the hard work for you.

Indesit dishwashers can handle tough stains and even burnt on food that would be a nightmare to scrub off by hand. Each Indesit dishwasher is designed to work efficiently and quietly, so you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Indesit dishwashers have great energy ratings too, so they use less water and energy and have less of an impact on the environment.

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable option, check out our complete range of Hotpoint dishwashers. And if you’re looking for a stylish dishwasher to match your stylish kitchen, then try a Beko dishwasher.

Whether you want to spend less time in the kitchen or you’re tired of doing the washing up every night, an Indesit dishwasher is ideal.

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