Indesit Refigeration

Indesit cooling - Stylish, innovative and practical

More technology, less energy! Indesit combi’s, fridges and freezers work really hard to keep your food fresher for longer whilst also being ultra efficient. With so many great features on offer you will be sure to find a model that’s just right for you. Choose from Static or Total No Frost options, alongside a wide range of colours, widths, heights and configurations. And, if you’re looking for something a little bit different take a look at the Indesit ‘Water through the door’ model.

Clever storage solutions for bottles and cans, smart Ice³ integrated ice trays that don’t take up space, A+ energy efficiency ratings… you won’t be disappointed with the Indesit Cooling range! With useful features and efficient performance as standard on all models to premium Digital Displays and the Indesit Dynamic Air Control system on selected models - there really is something for everyone!

Indesit Refrigeration

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Indesit cooling features

  • Static

    Nice and quiet but needs to be defrosted regularly to ensure food is kept in the best conditions and that the appliance runs as efficiently as possible!

  • Integrated ice trays

    To save even more space, ice trays are neatly integrated into the freezer drawers. Their special design makes them more practical and hygienic, preventing water being spilled when moving them and keeping the ice in sealed containers away from food.

  • Dynamic Air Control

    An innovative technology that improves the air flow around the fridge via the cooling tower ensuring cool, consistent temperatures at every shelf level, reducing condensation build-up and ensuring your food stays fresher for longer. (Only available on selected frost free models)

  • Total No Frost

    An air tower in the fridge ensures perfect air circulation and prevents the formation of frost on foods. Working in combination with the usual no frost system in the freezer, food is kept in optimum condition and the appliance will run as efficiently as possible… and of course there’s no need to defrost ever again!

  • Digital Display

    This premium innovative digital display not only looks good but allows you ultimate control over the internal environment of your appliance.

  • Water through the door

    Giving you fridge cold water whenever you want, the stylish ‘Indesit water through the door’ fridge freezer holds up to 2 litres of water, has a unique ridgeless dispenser - ideal for filling up a glass or jug and hosts all the usual Indesit features such as Ice3, Total No Frost and A+ efficiency.