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Indesit tumble dryers – perfect drying whatever the weather!

Feature packed and easy to use, Indesit tumble dryers help save time and money. Designed to co-ordinate perfectly with Indesit washing machines, capacities range from a huge 8kg to a smaller more compact 3kg. With a choice of Condenser or Vented dryers both incorporating a whole host of features and available in a range of colours you will be spoilt for choice!

Indesit tumble dryers feature Anti-Twist Technology ensuring quick, efficient drying with less tangled results. If you want even more look for models with the unique Indesit Sports Shoe Rack or Humidity Sensor Drying. For those of you that are energy conscious, the Eco Time feature will be right up your street - a programme dedicated to drying small loads in the shortest time possible whilst using the least amount of energy. Genuine efficiency!

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Indesit tumble dryer features

Condenser dryers

Simple and easy to use, condenser dryers can be placed anywhere in the house as they don’t need a vent hose. The internal condensing system collects moisture in an easy to empty water bottle at the top of the machine that just needs emptying occasionally dependent upon use.

Sports Shoe Rack

No need for wet trainers to spoil your fun! A unique sports shoe rack available on selected Indesit tumble dryers ensures perfect drying of trainers in the shortest possible time. The Sports Shoe rack suspends your shoes in the drum so they are dried perfectly without damaging either the dryer or your trainers.

Eco Time

No need to wait for a full load…this efficient option is ideal whenever you need to dry a smaller load quickly. Using only what the machine needs, you can be sure that you will be saving time and energy.

Vented dryers

Takes water extracted from the damp clothes and pipes it outside your home to prevent condensation via a hose kit included with the appliance. Bear in mind, your vented dryer will need to be by an outside wall or window – which may not always be possible!

Humidity Sensor Drying

Ensuring no time or energy is wasted, an automatic sensor in the drum monitors moisture levels in the load and stops the drum when your clothes are dry. Choose from Iron, Hanger or Cupboard dry.

Iron Dry – Left damp enough to make ironing easier.

Hanger Dry - Ideal for cupboard hanging to reduce creasing.

Cupboard Dry – Completely dry and ready to fold and put away.

Extra Dry – (Available on selected models only) Ready to wear and go!

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