Introducing a new class of laptops designed to deliver
all of the features you need, in one ultra-light device.

9 hours battery life on average

Quick charge: 4 hours of
battery in 30 minutes
on devices with Full HD displays1

Best-in-class connectivity
with Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+)2


1 For systems with FHD displays, when used for wireless web browsing. When powered off, from OEM default shutdown level.

2,3 Intel® WiFi 6 (Gig+) products support optional 160 MHz channels, enabling the fastest possible theoretical maximum speeds (2402 Mbps) for typical 2x2 802.11 AX PC WiFi products. Premium Intel® WiFi 6 (Gig+) products enable 2-4X faster maximum theoretical speeds compared standard 2x2 (1201 Mbps) or 1x1 (600 Mbps) 802.11 AX PC WiFi products, which only support the mandatory requirement of 80 MHz channels.

4 As compared to other PC I/O connection technologies including eSATA, USB, and IEEE 1394 FireWire. Performance will vary depending on the specific hardware and software used. Must use a Thunderbolt-enabled device.

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