Juice a revolution for your mobile

Juice® is a revolution for your mobile and smart phone. Innovative, practical, ingenious, simple and most of all fun! Juice® products offer effortless solutions, simplifying your life while you're on the go.

Juice box
Juice Box

Juice®: When your mobile runs out of juice, give it a boost!

Over at Juice® HQ we believe that mobile accessories shouldn't be boring. Your mobile is personal, it contains your contacts, your apps, your photos, your life. Basically, your smart phone is all about YOU! That's why we've designed and developed Juice®, a range of innovative and high spec products which are all about you too. Products that ensure you are never cut off from your digital world, and at the same time compliment you and your distinctive style.

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Juice plug

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Juice® mains and in-car chargers are compatible with all major smart-phone devices. We make it even easier with clearly colour coded packaging for you to select the right Juice® product for your needs.

Our mains and in-car chargers come in three flavours: green Apple compatible, purple Blackberry, Samsung, HTC compatible, and orange universal.

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  • Apple Juice® compatible family
    iPhone 4/4S/3G/3GS, iPod Touch 2nd/3rd/4th generation, iPod Nano and iPad 1/2/3
  • BlackBerry/Samsung/HTC Juice® family
    Compatible with micro USB devices, BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC
  • Universal/Multi Juice® family
    USB to 6 universal Juice® cable connectors iPhone, micro USB, mini USB, (also Sony Ericsson K750, Nokia N70, Samsung G600) All three are available for either mains or in-car chargers, where even the cables are colour coordinated!
Juice a revolution for your mobile