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Offering secure but lightweight protection for your laptop, our Knomo backpacks give you a stylish solution to computing on the go. Keeping your laptop safe and protected, they provide the most comfortable way to carry it and all of your essential accessories.

Knomo is a London-based design company that makes stylish backpacks for men and women. The Knomo backpack range includes the Knomo Berlin, for 14” laptops and the Knomo Southampton for 15.6” laptops. Whatever your laptop size, you’ll find a backpack to fit it snugly and securely, in a material that’s lightweight yet protective. Constructed from splash-proof parachute fabric, your belongings will feel weightless inside.

Straps on Knomo backpacks feature extra padding for added comfort while carrying, and they’re easy to adjust in length and fit. It’s easy to keep your things organised with a range of internal and external pockets. Internally, there’s a padded laptop section that makes your laptop easy to grab on the go and keeps it separate from your other possessions, and internal mesh pockets to organise your loose belongings inside your bag.

There’s plenty of room inside for papers and files, chargers and more besides your laptop. You can fit in your kit for the gym, clothes for an overnight stay or everything you need for a day’s exploring on holiday with ease. External front and back pockets provide more room for accessories like your phone, memory cards, stationery, headphones and other everyday essentials.

Knomo backpacks also come with unique, permanent Knomo ID tags, so that you can register your bag online using its tracking code. If it’s lost, whoever finds it can track you down easily through the Knomo portal by phoning one of the numbers provided and quoting your tracking code.

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