TV viewing
“Turn off
when this programme ends.”
Turn off when a programme finishes, or ask for a specific time to turn off.
“Show me a video
for exercise”
Whatever you want to want, there’s no need to type, just ask*.
“Launch game console.”
Ready to play and win the game?
Just ask LG OLED AI TV to launch Game Console, it will switch to TV input.
“Change to Cinema Mode.”
With one simple request, you can change your TV to the cinematic mood, and experience a cinema experience in your front room.
“Play The Crown on Netflix*.”
Say the title of what you want to watch on Netflix, and the LG OLED AI TV will find and play it for you.
*Supported content and services subject to availability and may vary across products and platforms. Service subscription required. Internet connection required.
smart TV feature
And there’s more to explore
With the Magic Remote and webOS 3.5 launcher bar, you can dive into a limitless world of content from the most popular entertainment providers.
* webOS GUI may differ by country.
* Services are subject to availability, may require subscription and could vary across products and platforms. Internet connection required.
* Magic remote included in box with selected webOS TV models.
* Netflix Hotkey on the remote may not be available in certain countries.