Portable music since 2009

The confidence to stand out

Portable music Since 2009

The confidence to stand out

Libratone. On a mission to free the sound.

Founded in Denmark in 2009, Libratone creates wireless technology that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Everything Libratone makes is the result of their ceaseless passion for engineering and design. Whether it’s smart speakers or noise cancelling headphones, they love to push wireless potential to its limits, creating a rich, authentic sound. A sound that comes to life with timeless, Danish design. Creating the perfect harmony of form and function.


Thanks to its 12-hour battery life and a thoughtfully crafted handle, ZIPP 2 is ready to join you wherever you want to go.

Alexa voice assistant

Amazon Alexa voice assistant works with 3 (ZIPP MINI 2) and 6 (ZIPP 2) microphones and far-field voice recognition. So now you can manage your music, check the weather, control your smart home devices and more, with just your voice.

360 FullRoom® sound

Great music no matter where you put your TOO. FullRoom® technology makes sure the sound is sent in every direction thanks to its 360-degree design.


TOO is up for the next adventure. Made from a non-slip material in a slim design, equipped with a convenient handle and built to an IPX4 splash-proof rating.

Smart and Bluetooth speakers

Smart and Bluetooth speakers